Cat Zingano

Cat Zingano appeals loss to Megan Anderson

Cat Zingano is appealing her recent loss to Megan Anderson at UFC 232.

Zingano moved up to featherweight to take on Anderson in which Anderson won the fight via first-round TKO. However, it wasn’t a normal TKO. When Anderson kicked Zingano, her toe landed in Zingano’s eye. Zingano then had a cut on her eyelid which forced her to not being able to see. Anderson then rushed over and punched Zingano’s body when the ref jumped in to call off the fight.

It was a very controversial win for Anderson, as some say that should have been treated as an eye poke. That is exactly what Zingano thinks. She is appealing the loss with her attorney, Nathan Gable to get the fight from a loss to a no-contest.

“The language of the Unified Rules regarding eye gouging is non-exhaustive and the examples listed, namely ‘eye gouging by means of fingers, chin, or elbow,’ are not meant as the only methods by which a foul may occur,” reads the appeal. “First, the language is plainly open-ended, beginning with ‘eye gouging of any kind.…’ Had the Unified Rules intended to limit this foul to only the examples that followed and exclude toes from this foul, this rule would have been written with limiting language such as, ‘only eye gouging by means of fingers, chin, or elbow is illegal’ and omit the words ‘of any kind.’

“Additionally, had this rule been meant to limit this foul to only the examples that followed and exclude toes, then by the same logic, a thumb to the eye would not be foul as the rule merely mentions fingers, not thumbs.”

Ultimately, as the rule states toes to the eye is not a foul. However, Anderson has said she is willing to rematch Zingano when she fully recovers from the injury.

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