WATCH Celine Haga chokes opponent unconscious yet still loses a decision

WATCH: Celine Haga chokes opponent unconscious….. yet still loses decision

WATCH:  Celine Haga chokes opponent unconscious….. yet still loses decision

It was one of the strangest things to have ever witnessed, and for us sitting on media row without the capability of hearing play-by-play commentary it was even more confusing.  How do we score this fight?

In the second fight on the Invicta Fighting Championship’s, Invicta FC 21, Amy Montenegro defeated Celine Haga via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28), but did she really?

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WOW!! What an end to Amy Montenegro vs Celine Haga on #InvictaFC21 #UFCFIGHTPASS

Here’s How it Went Down

Celine Haga had Amy Montenegro in trouble from the very first moment the ladies went to the canvas in round one. Haga fought for position and submission control through the entire round, from a rear-naked choke, to head and arm, into armbar. The round ended with a submission attempt in process and for a moment it was unclear if Montenegro had tapped or not.

The tide changed at the start of the third round as Montenegro now has the dominant position on the ground and is working in punches as she stretches her opponent out. Throughout the round Montenegro worked in chokes and when she wasn’t choking she was bashing the face of Haga. Round two goes to Montenegro. The third and final round will decide the fight.

WOW!!! What a fight. Amy Montenegro seemed to be in full control of this fight and en route to a unanimous decision win all of a sudden Haga applied a choke from an extremely difficult position and almost immediately Montenegro went to sleep. To everyone in attendance it sounded as if the bell came after she was asleep, but the referee said the bell came first. It appeared as if Haga would be declared the victor however the fight went to Montenegro as a result of a decision.

The crowd at the Scottish Rite Temple let the official know their feelings on the call with a sea of boos. The boos then turned to cheers as Montenegro was gracious in her post-fight win speech.  Twitter also saw a load of backlash and resentment for the call.  Hopefully we will see a rematch or the Athletic Commission make some sense of what happened here tonight.

Scorecard: Invicta FC 21 - Amy Montenegro vs. Celine Haga
Scorecard Invicta FC 21 8211 Amy Montenegro vs Celine Haga

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