Charlie Brown Williams: “I like to be the outsider”

Not afraid to be the road team, Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Charlie Brown Williams will head to Colorado Springs for his first fight of 2019.  Williams will face hometown hero AJ Robb in the main event of No Mercy 68.

For 2019… Where have you been, what’s been happening since we last saw you in December 2018?

“Well, at the beginning of the year I was training, training, training. Then some news came up for fights, but they fell through, a couple fights, they fell through early on in the year. I was just telling myself “I’ll just leave it in God’s hands, and he’ll bring me a good fight,” and here we are November 9th we’re going to be fighting AJ Robb.”


What do you think of the opportunity? It’s a main event?

“Oh man, it’s a good opportunity for me. I like to travel; I like to go see Colorado, this one’s in Colorado Springs. I prepared; I haven’t stepped away from the gym. I have been in here sharpening my skills for the last 10 months. Hopefully everything pays off.”


What are your thoughts on going into AJ’s hometown, playing that road villain?

“Oh man, I like to be the outsider. I went out in Pennsylvania, a couple years ago, fought the hometown guy and I took him in three rounds. He was the guy that broke my arm but, man, I was knocking the crap out of him; and he didn’t like it. Too bad I had to break my arm, but it was a good fight. I like playing that role, because for some reason I get the crowd on my side; I think they like my name.”


Heading into this one, you look at AJ, he’s young, he’s got some momentum. What does it take for you to stop that?

“He’s super athletic, he likes to throw punches, and I like to throw punches too. I think it’s a pretty good match up for the both of us. He’s the young guy, I’m the older guy, and it’s a pretty good match up.”

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