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AJ Robb: “I can take it, as well as I can give it”

There’s no place like home. After a stellar performance at No Mercy 67 in September, AJ Robb looks to build off the momentum and position himself to get back on a big card to close out 2019.

Robb (3-2) will face Charlie Brown Williams (5-1) in the main event of No Mercy 68 this Saturday night (11/9/19) at the Colorado Springs City Auditorium.

No mercy 68, back-to-back main events in your hometown. How does that feel?

“It’s great, making it happen. My vision is coming full form, I love it. I love representing my people, representing Colorado Springs, representing Wide Field. I’m excited! Show out for my people again. After this fight I’m not sure what’s next, but hopefully I’ll jump back on LFA; jump back on a big promotion and make some noise. I’m ready to go!”


A pretty quick turnaround, the win at No Mercy 67 and now you’re headlining No Mercy 68. Is there room this time for you still to develop, not just train for a fight?

“Oh yeah, definitely. After every fight, you take away; what you did wrong, what you did right, you get better at what you did right, you correct all the things you did wrong. That’s what we did; we came back in here, I took a week and a half off, and enjoyed the rest of September. Then got right back into the gym for the whole month of October; trained hard, worked with my coaches, worked on little things to make sure not going in blind, and going in without head up. Just taking all the little things and making sure we got em’ all taken care of. So, we can just keep this streak going.”


Coming up November 9th, Charlie Williams is the opponent. He has submission and knockout potential. How do you handle the challenge?

“You know, he’s a tough fighter. 5-1 that’s a big jump, especially for a No Mercy card. A 5-1 vs. 3-2 probably one of their best headliners they’ve ever had. It’s going to be tough. I haven’t seen him fight, he fights maybe once a year. He probably puts all his guts into one fight camp a year. So, I got to be ready for everything. Be ready for 15 minute brawl, be ready to get hit hard, be ready to get knocked down and get back up; I’m ready for everything. I train with Pat Mix, I train with UFC fighters, top legit black belts in here; Andrew Tenneson for example. I’m worried about submissions, but I’m not worried about getting caught in submissions. I know how to get out of it, I’ll be aware of it. I’ll be aware of the power too, I train with John Dodson; one of the hardest hitting Bantamweight in the UFC division. I’m not worried about power, either. I’m worried but I’m not worried, I’ll take it. I can take it, as well as I can give it. So, it’ll be fun.”

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