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Charlie “The Hammer Fist” Harris – “As soon as I turn Pro, there will be no more losing”

Training out of Backstreet Dojo gym in Feltham, Charlie Harris is extremely focused on becoming the biggest name on the K1 scene and is determined to display his skills in his upcoming fight a Super Fight Series.

“The Hammer Fist” Harris (3-3-1 Amt) explained to me how this will be the biggest event he has participated in, however, feels just as confident as before. Harris has high expectations of his career and at 23 years old there is a long journey ahead. Harris told me how his overall goal is to make it to the big stage at Glory World Series and become a world champion.

Charlie Harris

Harris stepped into his first ever competitive situation only two years ago and I was intrigued to find out how he felt mentally in this given situation.

“I loved it to be honest. I just felt that was where I was supposed to be. I was looking forward to it for so long, I got in there and put on a good performance. I just loved it.”

Charlie Harris

In the short time Harris has been competing, he has experienced a vast amount of experience already and outcomes. With three wins coming by way of KO, TKO and decision, a draw and the feeling of losing, Harris has taken this as a positive and learned from it.

“I am glad I experienced a loss early because a lot of people don’t experience losing and when they do it breaks them. So, it’s make or break.”

Check out my full interview with Charlie “Hammer Fist” Harris above.

Charlie Harris

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