Sarah Kaufman Reminding PFL Fans She's The Number One Seed

Sarah Kaufman Reminding PFL Fans She’s The Number One Seed

Sarah Kaufman is the number one ranked lightweight in the PFL’s 2019 season and is scheduled to face Larissa Pacheco in October for the playoff portion of the season. However, it is a popular belief that she and Kayla Harrison will eventually face each other before season’s end. Recently, Kaufman noticed that while she is the number one ranked fighter in her division, she is not really getting the push from the PFL and decided to do something about it.

Recently, Kaufman went in to visit the PFL headquarters and noticed that in the display of their fighters, Harrison was on the wall and she was missing. Therefore, she decided to do something about it and posted it on social media.

“Came to the PFL office, I’ve been saying great things about the social media team and as I come in, I realize, I’m not on the wall,” Kaufman said and seemed a little upset about it. She then took the photo of Harrison down and put her’s up. The photo of her was readily available with a PFL logo on it, but still, it is worth noting that she does seem to have to push herself as the number one seed in her division.

Kaufman got a walkover to the playoffs because her opponent for PFL 4, Roberta Samad failed to make weight. Kaufman already had six points from her first-round finish at PFL 1, so getting another three with the walkover secured her spot in the playoffs. While she was not upset, she was disappointed that during the broadcast of PFL 4, she was sitting with the crowd watching fights in Atlantic City when she was supposed to be in them.

After PFL 4 Kaufman addressed the media and said, “I wanted to be fighting, I wanted to show the world once again why I’m going to win the million dollars, I wanted the other people in the division to see that and get a little bit more fear in them but now, it’s just a little bit more mystery.”

The women’s lightweight playoffs are scheduled for Friday night, October 11 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. Harrison is also on the card against number three seed Genah Fabian.

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