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Christian “The Beast” Aguilera on winning his UFC debut in under a minute

Christian Aguilera speaks with MyMMANews

Coming off of a successful 59 second TKO at UFC Fight Night: Eye vs Calvillo, Christian “The Beast” Aguilera entered the UFC octagon for his promotional debut on short notice. With under two weeks to prepare, Aguilera finished his 20th professional MMA bout via 59-second TKO against Anthony Ivy. Needless to say, Aguilera had a plethora of experience coming into his Octagon debut. It was only a matter of time when he got there.

“It was nuts man,” Aguilera says. “It was definitely emotional! I had to check myself a couple times,” ‘The Beast’ says about his UFC debut. “I felt myself thinking ‘f*ck dude…we did it! Man we got the call!”

With the nation slowly but surely opening up, following the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, the UFC has done its best to pump out cards as quickly as they can make them. With 5 cards in a months time, many fighters are jumping at the opportunity to get back to a sense or normalcy. Aguilera was no different. Given the welterweight had his ups and downs in his career, at times, he was apprehensive if the opportunity to fight in the Octagon would ever present itself.

As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue, and the silver lining was the call on short notice to make his UFC debut. “When it happened man, I was so happy, it was crazy,” Aguilera says with a grin. Aguilera wasted no time after getting to work after securing his “ticket to the dance”. Taking the proper time to familiarize himself with his opponent, “I’ve watched all of Ivy‘s flights,” Aguilera says. “I’ve seen he’s a tough guy. Like, he’s been hit before. He’s been cracked before! And he usually ends up going for a shot,” Aguilera stated. “He waits for you to come in so he can get the takedown.” In Aguilera’s eyes, “he (Ivy) was going to weather the storm and come back, and get a take down!”

However, that wouldn’t be the case. After staggering Ivy against the cage, “I slap that jab a couple time to see what he did, and he covered right up!” Continuing with, “so, I landed those two over the top and we just started going to work!” It was only a matter of time before the referee called a halt to the contest. With so much pressure and the short , 59 seconds is all it took for Aguilera to dominate in his UFC debut and put the welterweights on notice. With a new heavy hitter in the mix, Aguilera boldly says, “expect exciting fights! Expect me to be there for 15-minutes throwing everything all the time!”

Tune in above to hear from Christian “The Beast” Aguilera as he joins MyMMANews just two days after the win of a lifetime in his promotional debut at UFC Fight Night: Eye vs. Calvillo!

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