Ryan Bader

Coach believes Ryan Bader finishes Daniel Cormier if they fight

Just a few weekends ago, Ryan Bader became the first ever champ-champ in Bellator. He defeated arguably the greatest heavyweight of all-time in Fedor Emelianenko to capture the heavyweight title. That added to him also being the light heavyweight champion.

As soon as the fight ended, many fans and media alike were wondering what would a Ryan Bader vs Daniel Cormier fight look like?

The two were supposed to fight at light heavyweight in the UFC, in which Cormier called Bader the easiest fight in the division. Now, Bader has looked as good as ever, and his coach, Jair Lourenco would love to see the fight.

“That’s the fight we wanted. That’s the fight everybody wanted,” Lourenco told MMA Fighting. “It’s an old rivalry, and it would be the first champ-champ vs. champ-champ cross-promotion in MMA history. That only happens in boxing. That’s a fight I wanted to see.”

If the fight somehow can happen, Lourenco believes his pupil in Bader would not only win the fight but finish Cormier.

“I believe that a five-round fight would be a great scenario for us,” Lourenco said. “Bader does great in five-round fights, but they both have heavy hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a war. But, I believe Bader has a great chance of finishing him inside five rounds.

“Cormier is a great guy, much respect to him, but I see a good match-up for Bader, Cormier is an excellent wrestler with a good game on short range, the same game Bader does well. Cormier did more in pure wrestling, but Bader’s wrestling in great for MMA.”

If the fight does get made and he does finish Cormier, Bader would go down as one of the all-time greats. Meanwhile, for Cormier beating Bader now would just cement his legacy even more. The odds of the fight happening aren’t good but it would be a fun fight for sure.

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