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Colby Covington officially departs from American Top Team

Less than two weeks since Phil Daru, strength and conditioning coach, left American Top Team, one of the more polarizing fighters, Colby Covington is officially off the American Top Team roster. After several complaints to ATT coach Dan Lambert from team mates such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Tyron Woodley, “Chaos” Covington told James Lynch he is no longer on the team.

“I am not a member of the American Top Team gym in coconut creek,” Covington confirmed.

“I am a member of Colby Covington Incorporated. I am a member of Colby Covington Business, Colby Covington Team. This is my team now. You can direct your complaints at me. All the people that are going to American Top Team and Dan Lambert directing their complaints, up in their feelings, ya know, ‘I’m pro fighter but I’m going to go to Dan Lambert … Dan can you protect my precious little feeling?,'” Covington Continued.

During the interview Lynch asked Covington about his current plans in place. While Covington still doesn’t have the exacts figured out, he doesn’t expect much change.

“We’re still in the process of putting together a team for Colby Covington Inc.,” he stated.

“I have some great coaches around me. I haven’t changed my training partners and coaches a lot .. we are not affiliated with ATT in any way shape or form. It’s the best change that could ever happen to me. … its a blessing in disguise,” he added.

While there are a few recent exits from the ATT gym, Covington insisted that his departure does not change his relationship with ATT coach Dan Lambert.

“I respect Dan Lambert more than anybody in the world,” he insisted.

“That guy will have my respect to the die i die. I owe that guy everything. He gave me an opportunity , ya know, ten years, nine year ago, out of college to come train at his gym, American Top Team full time and have food money and a place to live. And he never left me out in the cold. He always gave me every opportunity possible. So I’m very thankful for my time there I’m thankful for Dan Lambert as a person. He’s still a friend, he’s still a mentor, but I fulfilled my debts there. He did these great opportunities and we went to the top together,” he finished.

With the most recent exit from ATT, is there a changing of the guard going on in Coconut Creek, Fla.? Covington nows joins Phil Daru and Din Thomas as big name MMA figured to leave American Top Team.

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