Criszaida Adames

Criszaida Adames - Photo by LSS photography

Criszaida Adames to work her stand-up at USKA Philly Fight Night 2

Photos courtesy of LSS Photography

Will Martinez is not only an excellent competitor, he is a brilliant teacher and coach.  When you represent Martinez BJJ, you’re going to be challenged to improve all areas of your game if you plan on continuing to enter the cage and do battle.

Criszaida Adames coached by Will Martinez
Criszaida Adames coached by Will Martinez – Photo by LSS photography

Criszaida Adames is a young lady who is soaking up the experience and evolving her skills.  She has done well for herself in her brief career in combat sports with three victories.  In her last fight, Adames won a unanimous decision at Art of War 3 by using her grappling mostly.

Now on to USKA and her first competition that will be exclusively striking.  Criszaida enters the ring to face (1-0) Nell Diebel out of Cressman MMA/Wright Fight Concepts. Adames has been working with the Daukus brothers, Chris and Kyle to tighten up her stand-up skills and always has the watchful eye of Will looking to guide and help her.

“I’ve been working hard and I think my striking is getting better. Chris and Kyle have been teaching me a lot and I’m looking forward to this fight where I won’t be relying on my grappling.”

Adames also has a grappling contest lined up later and plans on getting back in the cage for another MMA bout as soon as possible.  She trusts Martinez and his plan.

I spoke with Criszaida to see what she and her coach has in store for 2018.

Please listen in below and be sure to catch one of her upcoming contests.  She is a very good prospect and a strong-willed young woman. MyMMANews will be at the 2300 Arena for post-fight interviews and a full recap on the 20th!


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