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Dana White blasts “f*cking goofball” Joshua Fabia over fight-fixing allegations: “I think the kid is mentally ill”

UFC president Dana White blasted Joshua Fabia over his fight-fixing allegations, calling him a “f*cking goofball.”

Fabia was the manager and coach for UFC veteran Diego Sanchez up until the Ultimate Fighter veteran cut ties with the polarizing figure a few weeks ago following his release from the UFC. After 16 years in the Octagon, Sanchez’s UFC career came to an end after a disagreement between Fabia and the UFC over the release of Sanchez’s medical records. Although Sanchez initially stuck by Fabia, he eventually saw the light and decided that he needed to move on with his life and career.

Speaking to fellow TUF 1 veteran Mike Swick on the “Real Quick with Mike Swick” podcast, White had some choice words to say about Fabia, who recently suggested that Sanchez threw his fight against Michael Chiesa at UFC 239. Speaking to Swick, White unloaded on Fabia for the fight-fixing accusations, saying he would take them more seriously if it was anyone else saying it.

“That guy’s such a f*cking goofball that I don’t know how anybody, seriously, if you take anything that guy says serious, you should be f*cking beat with a stick, okay? If the source was even someone remotely credible, yeah I would (investigate the allegations). But I could give a flying f*ck what that guy says. That guy is an absolute f*cking goofball. I think the kid is mentally ill. So should I fire up the lawyers for a mentally ill goofball? It’s just a complete waste of time,” White said.

Now that Sanchez has ended his working relationship with Fabia, it’s possible that the UFC could circle back and see if there is a way to give “The Nightmare” the one final fight that he craves in the Octagon. Because it’s clear that —  even though Fabia thinks otherwise about the unanimous decision defeat — White doesn’t believe that Sanchez threw the fight against Chiesa two years ago.

Do you hope to see Dana White and Diego Sanchez come to an agreement for one more fight?

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