Dana White on Jalin Turner-Bobby Green stoppage: “One of the worst I’ve ever seen”

“One of the worst I’ve ever seen,” said Dana White in the post fight press conference at UFC Austin. Stealing the shine from Arman Tsarukyan’s spectacular win over Beneil Dariush, much of the post fight conversation was on the terrible stoppage by referee Kerry Hatley in the Jalin Turner vs. Bobby Green finish.

The fight was a short one, like the main event, and saw Jalin Turner drop a leaning Bobby Green where Turner proceeded to pound Green out. The shots were not adequately defended and should have seen the fight called shortly after. Instead, Hatley let the fight go on until Green ate so many shots that Green went out completely.

“The difference is we’ve had some refs say some dumb s*** in the past like, ‘Oh, I allowed her to be a warrior tonight,’ and goofy s*** like that,” said Dana White. “He knows that he made a mistake tonight and he does not feel good about it. So it’s unfortunate. Definitely a bad stoppage. Very bad.”

Bobby Green on the Jalin Turner stoppage

Having been here before, Bobby Green took his loss in stride. He also knows what made this fight so controversial and being on the receiving end of it, he had some wise words.

“You win some, you lose some. I guess I want to show people that you’ve got to keep it G and you’ve got to keep it G when you lose.” He continues, “Shout out to Jalin, you did your thing, brother. I’m so happy for you. It means the world that you stepped up on short notice and you had your success, so shout out to you. To all my people, it’s just another step in the thing, you know. Another step in the career. There’s ups, there’s downs, I’m a keep it going. I’m not going nowhere. Love you, guys.”

At the end of the day, these fighters are putting their trust of their lives into the hands of the referees. The ref’s job is to protect the fighters. This time, the referee did not. But calling for their job is not the way. Reeducation is the move. If that doesn’t happen, the commission should be held responsible.

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