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Dana White wants a title unifier in Australia

Dana White, the president of the UFC, wants to hold a middleweight unifier to be held at a stadium show in Australia. The fight would be Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya. The fight seems to be more than interesting for all of us and is bound to be way more interesting than spending a night playing pokies online in Australia and it should be cause for celebration in Australia, as it would be one of the most interesting fights of the year. The fight between the New Zealand fighter and the one living in Australia could be a contender for the fight of the year, and a lot will be on the line in this fight. And the fight between the biggest fighters on that side of the world would indeed be one of the biggest things that can happen in Australia right now. No wonder they are trying to get their hands on a stadium – hundreds of people would be interested in seeing it, thousands even, and given the chance, the stadium would be flooded by the fans interested in seeing it happen. The only thing is, certain things need to happen before the fight can take place. Let’s look at the matchup and the things that need to happen before we get into what the outcome could be.

The things that need to happen

There are several things that we need to make sure happen before the fight can take place. The number one thing that needs to happen. The first thing is that Adesanya has to heal up from his last fight. After all, he took way too much damage in the last fight and will need a good amount of time before he is capable of standing in the ring again. He does need to be able to at least close his mouth before he gets to make sure he isn’t able to do that again. But the healing process is going well and the fight is going to be happening sooner rather than later, something to definitely be excited about.

Something else that needs to happen is the final choice for the location of the fight needs to be made. While Dana and Whittaker have a feeling that Australia might be the best place for it, the truth of the matter is that Adesanya disagrees. He believes that the best place for the fight would be his own home turf. He will be spending some time promoting the location within New Zealand, in the hopes that it will be picked for the fight. Although the choice of the location will depend on a number of things, we are going to hesitate from expressing a specific opinion – the final decision is up to the promotions, fighters and the fans themselves. Although, since the fighters are interested in making sure that the fight is held in a stadium, it might be a good idea to make sure that is even possible within either of the countries.

How does the matchup look?

And how does the matchup look? Well, currently it is not easy to tell, but there are definitely things that can be said about how each one of the fighters is doing in general. Adesanya is just coming off of his recent victory over Kelvin Gastelum. While he might have taken a significant amount of damage in that fight, he was also able to showcase how good a shape he actually is in. With his track record of 17-0 MMA and 6-0 UFC, and his claim the interim “Fight of the Year”, he is definitely one of the biggest fighters in the industry right now.

Whittaker, on the other hand, is in the best shape of his life. This monster of 20-4 MMA an 11-2 UFC has proven many times that he has the right to be known as the biggest fighter in Australia. And he has been saying that Adesanya should be very worried since he is coming after the belt. Recently Whittaker spent some time identifying the issues that Adesanya might have in a fight against him, but the specifics don’t mean anything. The undefeated champion has a lot to prove and a lot to show to the world and Whittaker specifically.

Things might still change though, as the fight is still quite far away. While the official date has not been set, the general expectations are that it will be held sometime around October. That provides both sides with enough time to heal up and prepare. And once both sides are ready, one of the biggest fights in the history of Australian MMA is going to take place.

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