Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson eyeing return in late 2019

Former UFC welterweight title contender Stephen Thompson talks return

The UFC is heading to Wondeboy’s neck of the woods in Greenville, South Carolina at the end of June, and everything was lined up for “Wonderboy” to headline the card. However, in the main event of UFC Nashville, Thompson was knocked out cold by Anthony Pettis. Now, the hopes of fighting on that card is thrown out the window.

Now, Thompson is worried about his health and getting back to 100 percent before he fights again.

“It wasn’t so long since I was in the Octagon fighting, so I’m taking my time; I’m taking it slow,” Stephen Thompson said to MMAFighting. “I’m 36-years-old, I haven’t taken a whole lot of damage, but next time I get in the Octagon I want to make sure I’m 100 percent. I’ve known guys who’ve got knocked out and they get back in there too soon, next thing you know they get clipped and they’re out again. I just want to know that I’m fully healed and I’m taking the time that the doctors gave me to heal up, to make sure I’m 100 percent before I step back out there,” he said.

“Everything is good, I’m feeling great. A few weeks ago I had another CT scan and everything came up negative; everything was great. I just want to make sure I’m ready before I step back out there.”

Although Thompson is disappointed he can’t fight in his hometown, he is looking to fight again before the year is.

“There’s not really a date, but hopefully this year we’ll be stepping back out there. Maybe September or October. I would love to fight at Madison Square Garden again if that happens. There are a lot of opportunities, the year is not over yet, so hopefully you’ll see me back in there this year,” Thompson said.

Ultimately, he is worried about his health first and will fight again when he is 100 percent.

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