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Daniel Cormier: “If Brock Lesnar can’t fight, I’ll fight Stipe again”

Ever since the big post fight drama that we witnessed between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar at UFC 226, many UFC fans and fighters are still heated over the notion of a fight between the two. The fighter that had the biggest gripe was the now former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

A few weeks after the Miocic loss, the former champ came out and candidly expressed not only his disgust in the scene Lesnar caused at the event, but more importantly how unfair it is that he’s getting a shot at the title ahead of him, when he’s the one who defended the title more times than other champion in UFC Heavyweight history up until the loss to DC.

Miocic then went on in the interview to insist that he deserves a rematch with Cormier instead of Lesnar receiving the next shot.

Cormier dismissed Miocic’s claims at 1st, feeling that Brock was a fight he couldn’t pass up while understanding Miocic’s reasoning for a rematch.

But now, after this past Saturday’s UFC 227, the current UFC double champion has now apparently changed his stance about giving Stipe Miocic his rematch.

While recapping the UFC Flyweight Title fight that took place between Henry Cejudo and Demetrious Johnson, DC, Joe Rogan and Jon Anik, discussed about whether Johnson deserved an automatic rematch against Cejudo after hearing Cejudo wanting to move up to 145 for a super fight with the winner of Dillashaw-Garbrandt which Cormier said he believes Johnson is due.

Capitalizing on this after hearing DC’s response, Rogan then proceeded to ask Cormier to draw the comparison with Johnson deserving a rematch with Cejudo as opposed to himself as a two-divisional champion, not granting Stipe Miocic a rematch for a major money fight with Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

According to Cormier, when it comes to Miocic and Lesnar it doesn’t compare, but at the same time he did make it clear he’d be willing to give Stipe his rematch should for some reason Brock is unable to fight him as supposedly planned.

“[Miocic] should [get a rematch], but he went three [defenses]. Three is a lot different than 11,” Cormier said. “And also, if Brock Lesnar was staring at Stipe, that would happen, but I’ll tell you this right now, I’ll tell you this on record: If Brock Lesnar doesn’t make it to the fight for any reason, I’ll fight Stipe again. That is not a problem.

“There is no reason I wouldn’t fight Stipe. I’m only fighting Brock because I’m fighting Brock. But if he doesn’t make it, I’ll fight Stipe again. There you go.”

Do you think Stipe Miocic will end up getting the rematch with Daniel Cormier?

Will Brock Lesnar be cleared in time to fight Daniel Cormier?

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