Max Kellerman UFC 241 Stipe Miocic KOs Daniel Cormier in the fourth round to regain title

Daniel Cormier knows he’s a ‘better fighter than Stipe Miocic’, tells champ to sign the contract

Daniel Cormier says he regrets his loss to Stipe Miocic as he knows he’s the better fighter.

Cormier and Miocic had their rematch at UFC 241 where “DC” arguably won the first three rounds. But, Miocic rallied back to score a fourth-round TKO win. For Cormier, he says he never should have lost that fight but he says he lost the respect for Miocic so he had his hands down.

“I’m a better fighter than Stipe Miocic,” Cormier said on the “DC & Helwani” podcast. “I respect him, I think he’s a great guy, I think he’s a great role model, but I’m better than him. I just want to go prove it. I should’ve never lost to him. That is going to be one of my greatest regrets. I lost to [Jon] Jones, but he was better. Stipe Miocic is not better than me, and that’s going to be something I regret for the rest of my life, is letting him get a victory over me. It should’ve never happened.”

Although Cormier wants the trilogy to happen soon, Stipe Miocic has said he won’t be fighting during the pandemic. He wants to focus on firefighting and helping stop the spread of COVID-19.

If they do end up fighting again, Cormier knows it will prove he’s the better fighter.

“He also said last fight didn’t start so well but this time will be better. It didn’t start so well because I’m better than him, it’s what it is. It’s going to start like that this time. But, this time I’m not going to get tired and you’re not just going to punch me in the stomach for five minutes. We’re going to prepare me to go and beat you again,” he said. “It’s going to start the same way because I’m better than him, sign the contract.”

In the end, Daniel Cormier has a simple message for Stipe Miocic. Sign the contract so the trilogy can happen in August.

“Come on, Champ. Sign the contract. Let’s go, like what are you doing? It’s nonsense,” Cormier concluded. “I get that you’re a firefighter, we admire all those things about you wanting to help people in this crisis time, but you’re also the champion of the world. Come on, man, let’s get this thing done, sign the contract.”

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