Max Kellerman, UFC 241: Stipe Miocic KOs Daniel Cormier in the fourth round to regain title

Daniel Cormier sends message to Stipe Miocic: ‘Do the right thing and give me my rematch’

Daniel Cormier has made it very clear to Stipe Miocic that he wants his trilogy or believes the UFC will strip him.

This comes just days after Miocic was cleared to train again following the eye injuries he sustained in the Cormier fight. But, after he was cleared, Miocic’s manager in Jim Walter spoke to ESPN where he said the heavyweight champion is looking to fight someone new.

“After his health is cleared, we hope to have Stipe back in competition this year in a fight that makes sense and against an opponent that Stipe has not beaten before,” Walter said. “He is more than wiling to defend his belt. If an opportunity presents itself outside the UFC, Tyson Fury and Stipe spoke face-to-face in Las Vegas at the Conor McGregor fight.”

Following that, on the broadcast of UFC Raleigh, Daniel Cormier was asked about the state of the heavyweight division. There, he made it clear he wanted the trilogy. He believes it is the right thing to do because ‘DC’ gave Miocic the rematch after his win.

“I mean Stipe and I are going to fight next. That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. It’s what’s gonna happen,” Cormier said (via MMA Fighting). “I know they’re saying they want something new. Well hell, I wanted something new after I beat him and I gave him a rematch.

“So it’s only right to do the right thing. You’re honorable, right Stipe? You’re a fireman, you save lives. You do the right thing all the time, right? Do the right thing and give me my rematch.”

The trilogy bout does make sense given the fact they both are 1-1 against each other. In the first fight, it was Cormier who won by first-round knockout to become the light heavyweight and heavyweight champion. In the rematch, it appeared DC was on his way to winning as he won the first three rounds. But, Miocic came back and won by fourth-round TKO. So, for Cormier, he believes the trilogy has to happen next.

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