Jarred Brooks

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Demetrious Johnson on Jarred Brooks: “He’ll probably give Joshua Pacio his toughest test if not beat him.”

Ahead of ONE Championship: Reloaded, Jarred Brooks takes on Bokang Masunyane in a flyweight bout. Leading into that fight, the flyweight GOAT, Demetrious Johnson, touts the skills and pressure of Jarred Brooks citing that the current champ, Joshua Pacio, would have a problem with him.

Demetrious Johnson, who just beat Rodtang at ONE X in a hybrid rules bout, thinks that Jarred Brooks is a problem for the division and likes the tools he brings to the table in every one of his fights.

“He’s been doing amazing things and I think he’ll probably give Joshua Pacio his toughest test if not beat him. Because he has that constant, constant, constant pressure and grind.”

Jarred Brooks and compliments from the man

Hearing that from Demetrious Johnson is like hearing Michael Jordan say you have a good jump shot. Jarred Brooks has always been a fan of Johnson and to hear that from someone he’s always watched was an honor.

“Man, I was ecstatic. I mean, you’re talking about the best of all time, the GOAT, Demetrious Johnson. That’s somebody I’ve looked up to since I was in high school. And what made me really want to fight and really want to pursue fighting at a smaller weight class. He was definitely the project, for sure.”

Brooks echos that sentiment saying that Pacio should watch out because “The Monkey God” is coming. He plans on doing some spectacular domination at ONE Championship: Reloaded and prove that he’s ready for a shot at the title.

Brooks on proving he is deserving of a title shot against Pacio: “I think that I’m the best in the division, no matter what. I mean, you got to go out and prove things. But inside of my head and the way I see fight night [against Masunyane], I do see my hand getting raised in a spectacular fashion.”

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