Dominick Reyes

Photo courtesy of Reyes' Instagram account.

Dominick Reyes feels he has an obligation to beat Jon Jones

In the light heavyweight division, rsing star, Dominick Reyes is back in action tomorrow when he takes on former title challenger, Volkan Oezdemir. There, if all goes well, Reyes could very well be one or two more wins away from a title shot against Jon Jones.

For now, the focus is on Oezdemir as Reyes knows he is a tough fight, but the rising star is ready to fight Jones one day and hopefully give him his first ‘real’ loss.

“That’s the dream. Who doesn’t want to be the guy to take out Jon Jones?” Reyes told ESPN. “I’m a clean athlete. I’ve been fighting clean my whole life. I’ve been drug-tested since college all the time.

“When I get there, it’s not going to be just for me. It’s going to be for all of the clean athletes out there and all of the straight guys who get passed over for the dirty guys because he’s on the top right now. I feel a moral obligation to the people who do things right.”

Although it is obvious Reyes wants to beat Jones to win the belt, there is another reason why. The light heavyweight isn’t a fan of fighters taking steroids and because of Jones’ past, he believes he is obligated to beat him. Reyes is all about clean fighting, and once the fight presents itself, he is ready to hear ‘And New’ and show the world you don’t need steroids to be a champion.

“You take steroids, you’re a cheater. Period,” Reyes argued. “There’s no gray area with me. Did you take steroids? Yes? Then you’re a cheater. It’s in your nature to cheat,” Reyes continued. “He’s considered one of the greatest ever. If I can be the guy who beats him, that’s part of my legacy. That’s legendary status.”