Dr. Richard Roberts

Dr. Richard Roberts: Medicine, Politics and Mixed Martial Arts

Dr. Richard Roberts is a highly successful man.

After growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Roberts graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and eventually took over URL Pharma, which was a pharmaceutical company that his father ran and owned heavy stock in.

When Roberts took over the company it was struggling, but not for long. Roberts was able to eventually not only turn URL Pharma around, but it became a successful business that Roberts sold in June 2012 for $800 million dollars.

While running the company, Roberts battled with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and during his fight with the FDA he became active in politics. Roberts is now one of the top donors to the Republican party and was an advisor to President Donald Trump in his election bids.

For as busy as Roberts has been throughout his lifetime, he has always made it appoint to practice martial arts. For the past 37 years, Roberts has been active in karate and for the last two years he’s been taking up mixed martial with former UFC welterweight George Sullivan.

In an interview with MyMMANews, Roberts discussed his passion for martial arts, his friendship with Sullivan and his political and professional success stories.

You can watch full interview with Dr. Richard Roberts in the video above.

Roberts is now retired, but still remains active not only in martial arts, but in the medical field as well. He has a YouTube channel which he explains topics in the world of medicine.

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