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Eddie Bravo Invitational EBI 10 Results

Eddie Bravo Invitational – EBI 10 Results – Cummings vs. Martinez

Eddie Bravo Invitational – EBI 10 Results

The world’s premier submission only grappling tournament took the show to Mexico City Friday night to showcase it’s bantamweight (135lbs) division.

The card featured a healthy mix of veteran competitors along with some up and coming grapplers who were looking to make a name for themselves on the submission only circuit.  In the end, the most anticpated matchup in EBI history would finally come to be.

The card was headlined by Eddie “Wolverine” Cummings and reigning Bantamweight Champion Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez.  Cummings was moving down to 135 lbs division after winning both EBI 4 & 7 at 145 lbs.  Martinez, who won the title at the inaugural EBI 1 (145 lbs) and also EBI 2 (135 lbs), lost on points in the quarterfinals of EBI 4 to Joe Soto, derailing a showdown with eventual champion Cummings.  At EBI 7, Martinez again fell prior to the finals, losing in the semifinals to Bill Cooper via armbar.

Cummings had been a buzzsaw at EBI, losing only to the larger and fellow Danaher Death Squad teammate Garry Tonon at EBI 3.

The two grapplers were once again primed to meet in the finals, with each leading off their respective sides of the brackets:

The first round brackets were as follows:

Left Side:

Geo Martinez (10th Planet) vs Kristian Woodmansee (Atos)

Woodmansee with some early acrobatics but recklessly dives in head down and ends up on the wrong end of a slick D’Arce choke.  Martinez wins via D’Arce choke at 0:30.

Joey Diehl (Joey Diehl) vs Marcelo Cohen (The Armory)

Diehl inside Cohen’s closed guard early, defending a kimura and gets swept.  Cohen is patient and finishes the kimura from mount.  Cohen wins via mounted kimura at 5:30.

Bruninho Barbosa (Budha Jiu Jitsu) vs Suraj Budhram (Renato Tavares)

Stand up battle early leads to Budhram attacking from bottom once it hits the mat.  50/50 battle ensues which leads to a Barbosa calf slicer.  Barbosa wins via calf slicer at 5:12.

Javier Gomez (Ares) vs Ricky Lule (10th Planet)

Lule on top early in Gomez’s half guard.  Gomez mostly defending a steady attack on the legs from Lule and Lule finishes with a heel hook/ knee bar combo.  Lule wins via heel hook at 3:30.

Right Side:

Eddie Cummings (Renzo Gracie NY) vs Alessandro Costa (Brazilian Warriors)

Cummings immediately pulls guard with Costa.  Wolverine attacks the legs and Costa tries to retreat but Cummings slaps on a vicious heel hook to end the match.  Cummings wins via heel hook at 1:04.

Ashley Williams (Chris Rees BJJ) vs Alexis Alduncin (Renzo Gracie Mexico)

Early leg entanglement leads to back and forth with Williams mostly looking to pass Alduncin’s open guard.  50/50 and open guard exchanges ensue with lots of scrambles and submission attempts during regulation by both competitors.  Match heads to overtime with Alduncin taking the back first.  Williams fights off multiple attempts and manages to escape.  Williams now on the back of Alduncin with a body triangle who is fighting off multiple RNC attempts and finally escapes.  Round 2 of overtime has Alduncin back on Williams’ back and gets the RNC in 0:40 seconds.  Williams in spider web on Alduncin and Alduncin escapes to win in 2nd overtime.  Great match.  Alduncin wins via RNC in 2nd overtime.

Baret Yoshida (Arena) vs Eric Medina (Jean Jaques Machado)

41 year old Yoshida pulls guard right away on the purple belt Medina with not much action early while Medina looks to pass.  6 minutes in and Yoshida now on top looking for the choke but Medina sweeps and they scramble some with Yoshida now attacking the legs.  Regulation ends and we head to OT.  Yoshida to the back and hits the RNC in 0:48. Medina to the back and transitions to spider web then mounted head and arm choke.  Medina runs out of time. Yoshida wins via RNC in 1st overtime.

Pablo Rogel (Wero) vs Arturo Cadenas Rocha (Renzo Gracie Mexico)

They hit the mat early, Roche immediately attacks the legs and finishes the heel hook near the edge of the mat. Rocha via heel hook at 0:29.


Geo Martinez vs Marcelo Cohen

Martinez pulls guard quickly and they scramble back and forth.  Martinez on top and spins inside for the heel hook. Cohen taps right away to end the match.  Martinez looking solid through two matches.  Martinez wins via heel hook at 1:48.

Bruno Barbosa vs Ricky Lule

Good stand up to start and Lule jumps for the guillotine.  Barbosa tries to escape but taps after Lule adjusts.  Lule wins Via guillotine at 0:42.

Eddie Cummings vs Alexis Alduncin

Cummings pulls guard again and a leg entanglement is underway. Cummings has a grip on the ankle of Alduncin and taps Alduncin with the heel hook.  Cummings wins via heel hook at 2:20.

Baret Yoshida vs Arturo Rocha

Rocha pulls guard and immediately attacks Yoshida’s leg.  Yoshida escapes and is now in Rocha’s guard.  Rocha on the legs again but Yoshida is defending well.  Yoshida now trying to pass Rocha’s guard.  Yoshida passing and gets the mounted Ezekiel choke. Yoshida wins via Ezekiel choke at 8:29.


Geo Martinez vs Ricky Lule

Student vs teacher as Martinez’s student Lule ends up mounted early by the Freakazoid.  Martinez with heavy pressure and attempts a submission, gets swept, and the Martinez back on top looking for the kimura.  Martinez gets the choke from mount. Martinez wins via Arm triangle/Ezekiel choke at 5:04.

Eddie Cummings vs Baret Yoshida

Cummings immediately to guard with the crafty Yoshida.  Leg entanglement now with Cummings seeking an entry on the legs of his opponent.  Cummings gets an ankle, rolls and slaps on a tight heel hook to finish the veteran. Cummings wins via heel hook at 2:10.


Geo Martinez vs Eddie Cummings

The match we’ve all been waiting for is underway with Cummings pulling guard and Martinez looking  to pass. Freakazoid toying with going inverted and Cummings is looking to get a grip on his legs.  Leg entanglement now with Wolverine locking on Martinez’s left ankle.  The crazy flexible Martinez is using that to his advantage as he fights off the attacks.  Cummings still attacking with Freakazoid defending and looking to get this to overtime.  Eddie on the back in the last minute then to spider web looking to finish.  Geo defends and its onto overtime.  Geo on the spider web first looking for the bicep slice and back to the spider web.  Eddie still defending as riding time builds. Cummings struggling to escape the spider web and tries to stack but Geo taps Eddie with the arm bar at 3:35. Eddie’s turn on the back now looking to finish but Geo escapes to retain the Bantamweight title in one of the most exciting matches in the history of EBI.  The Mexican 10th Planet product wins in Mexico City taking home $20,000 in the process.


Eddie Bravo Invitational EBI 10 results

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