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Eddie Alvarez shares ‘me too’ horror story of former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva

Former UFC lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez is the latest former fighter to speak out against former matchmaker Joe Silva.

After Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal haven gone public about pay, former fighters have followed suit talking about horror stories about dealing with Silva. Alvarez took to Twitter to discuss his asking Silva for a title shot and the response he got.

“While the Me too movement on Joe Silva continues. I got an incredible Joe Silva story myself but my momma always told me that if I ain’t got nutting good to say than don’t say nuttin at all,” Alvarez started.

After taking some times, Alvarez decided to share the story in a serious of tweets about him asking for a title fight following his win over Anthony Pettis in 2016.

”Ok ok…. So I am in the restaurant of a hotel a few weeks after the Anthony Petis fight eating by myself and next to me is Joe Silva with a group of buddies and I believe Sean Shelby they are having some drinks,” Alvarez wrote. “I never interacted with Joe but I took the time to introduce [myself]. Next I ask who my next opponent could possibly be and half joking half serious ask for the champion if he’s available…. Joe took the opportunity to tell me with the way I am fighting I’ll never get a title shot as long as he’s around, they all laugh.

“At this point I am completely embarrassed, I want to hurt him but I just joined this promotion and this guy pretty much makes the rules. The funny part was he was standing and I could of swore he was fully seated,” he continues. “So I took the high road and went to my room in a rage. I get a call a few weeks later from Dana not Joe asking for the RDA fight…. I thought wow this one must of went over Joe’s Head. Joe 4 foot a lot of things. So I get the fight I wanted and Joe didn’t want. I KO RDA and win the world title in the 1st round.

“As I make my [way] out of the ring and in the back guess who is the first guy standing there… Yes Joe Silva…. No congrats no good job just a bitter angry small little man. I said nothing, nothing needed to be communicated I just a wink. Success is how you destroy your enemies,” Alvarez concluded.

Eddie Alvarez would go one to lose his title in the next fight. He suffered a knockout loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 205. Alvarez now competes for ONE Championship.

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