Does Boxing Make More Money than UFC?

Does Boxing Make More Money than UFC?

In the world of gaming, there are different types of fighting games that are very popular among people. Some of them are even so popular that they got their place in the greatest stage of sports. Boxing is such a game where the players have to hit on each other’s face to score points. But in due course of time, there are some changes in the game. The original game has been kept intact but some new styles have evolved due to this. Though they are not blessed with the honor of the actual game, there are still some people who have taken these games to new heights. The participants of these games are earning heavily. But here is a question as to whether Boxing is providing more money to the players of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Who Makes More Money?

You have settled with this question, who is earning more money. Boxing or UFC then the clear cut answer is boxing. Mixed martial arts are very beautiful to watch. It is the compilation of the games Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing. Since boxing is the primary game, the UFC players have to get experts in boxing at first. The other martial arts come after that. There are many UFC fighters who are very skilled in boxing but have committed their lives to UFC after having hard training. A skilled UFC fighter can always be a boxer in the ring. On the contrary, the money is always higher in boxing than the UFC championships. A UFC fighter can always earn more through boxing. The amount of money boxing can give them is unthinkable by the UFC organizers.

Difference between Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

Though both of these are the fighting games there are huge differences between them. Mixed Martial Art is the incorporation of different other fighting techniques. You can use any of your body portions to fight or to defend. On the other hand, boxing is confined only to punches. You have to punch on the head or on the face of the opponent to score points and win. When you are fighting at the top level then you need to fight for 12 rounds of 3 minutes each. On the other hand in the Mixed Martial arts, you have to fight for 3 or 5 bouts of 5 minutes each. The boxers use padded gloves and take protection for their face as well as the head. Mixed martial art fighters don’t wear such gloves or equipment. They even keep their fingers free for the grappling. In boxing, a fighter can stop the fight but still can prevail in it, while in the case of Mixed Martial Art you can stop the game but at the same time you have to submit the victory route to the opponent.

Why does Boxing Make More Money?

If you consider the financial aspect of these games then there are huge differences between these two. Since boxing is the oldest and the primary game of fighting, the demand is more for it. On the contrary, in recent times, mixed martial arts have also gained popularity due to the popularity and the telecasts of the tournaments. But in the case of boxers, the amount of money is enormous for a single ring outing. This is why boxing betting is one of the most popular betting odds among the betting aspirants.

Though boxing is traditionally earning more than the mixed martial art fights, still there are some fighters who are earning more than the boxers on fight cards. But at the elite level, the boxers are earning more than the mixed martial art fighters.

The reasons behind earning more money by the boxers than the mixed martial art fighters are listed here.

1. Establishment

The main reason behind the difference in earning is existence. As we told earlier that boxing is older than the mixed martial arts fights, the popularity of boxing is much more. On the other hand, the professional competitions of mixed martial arts are illegal in some countries and still out of the mainstream entertainment module.

2. Creation of Revenue

Any sporting event is organized to create revenue from the event. In the case of boxing, since it is the traditional fighting sport, revenue is much higher than the mixed martial art games. There are main reasons behind it that there are many people who love boxing rather than mixed martial art fighting. On the other hand, there are sponsors, investors, promoters to uplift the telecast of the boxing matches. One more thing that pays a huge role in this is the viewership of the games. While boxing has enumerable viewers throughout the world, on the other hand, the mixed martial art games are confined to limited viewership due to the constraints of the telecast.

3. Variations

In boxing competitions, there are lots of categories under which the fighters fight with each other. They fight under different weight categories. So lots of boxers get the opportunity to showcase their talent inside the ring. On the contrary, there are few categories, usually one or a maximum of 2 categories in case of mixed martial arts. This is why there you will see the dominance by a few players whereas in the case of boxing you will see new players emerging from almost every competition or every year.

Comparison of Earning

There are lots of money flying around the boxing rings and you just need to catch them as much as you can. Most of this money ends up in the pockets of more popular names that can pull the finance. But let’s face the harsh reality that most professional people have to struggle for their lives who are engaged in mixed martial arts. As per the statistics provided by the American Bureau of Labor Statistics the professional fighters earn a salary of $51,000 almost. A pro boxing competitor earns a salary of $ 35,000 every year on an average.

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