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Eddy “The Taino Warrior” Torres Discusses His Dominant CFFC 96 Win

Interview with Eddy Torres above

“The Taino Warrior” Eddy Torres gets it done, once again!

In the main event of CFFC 96, Torres faced the gritty Ohio-native wrestler, Tohe Rojas. A seemingly great matchup to test the undefeated featherweight’s skillset. However, “The Taino Warrior” had other plans. In typical Torres fashion, he brought the fight to his opponent from the opening bell until the end, leaving Rojas with minimal room to gain an inch. In fact, Torres was the more successful of the two, out-wrestling the wrestler when he’d change levels between his superior striking to grappling transitions. A feat he credits UFC’s Sean Brady for. It was a night of sheer dominance for Torres. However, even though the scrappy featherweight picked up the “W” for the evening, he’s extremely critical of his performance. In his eyes, not living up to his own expectations.

“The biggest thing with me is, I go into fights to finish people,” Torres insists. “I got eye poked a couple of times and a headbutt,” he continues. (But) “I don’t fight to play around with these guys man. I’m here to finish,” he reiterates.

Although one judge scored a single round for Rojas in Torres’ near shutout, the winner and obvious choice for the vacant CFFC featherweight title seems a shade clearer now. With former champion and Torres’ teammate, Pat Sabatini receiving the call to the UFC, “Who else at my weight class can say that they haven’t lost a round in their MMA fights?” Torres rhetorically asks. “I have finished almost everybody except my last opponent. I took a fight and then in 5 weeks, took another fight and won both of those. My opponents changed 6 times in 24 hours, and I said yes to all 6 opponents.” Continuing, “who sells the most tickets? Who gets the most views? All of that has to play into the consideration of who’s going to get the next title shot, right? Who else are they going to give that title fight too,” Torres continues asking rhetorically. “I think I deserve it. I think I earned it,” he says. “Hopefully September or October I’ll be there fighting for that 45 title. Hopefully that happens and if that don’t then I’m not fighting no more. That’s where I’m at with it,” Torres insists.

Tune in to hear from Eddy “The Taino Warrior” Torres as he catches up with MyMMANews after chalking another win to his undefeated record. Torres explains why he isn’t thrilled with his performance, owing CM Punk a favor, fighting for a title or retiring and much more!

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