Fedor vs Wanderlei Silva

Fedor vs Wanderlei Silva in Japan?

Nobuyuki Sakakibara, President of the newly formed Rizin Fighting Federation which debuted in December, recently spoke with Russian News Agency, TASS, stating that he has an interest in signing Fedor Emelianenko to a fight with Wanderlei Silva.

“I can’t guarantee you Bigfoot fight but Fedor vs Wanderlei Silva is plausible. This month I’m coming to US where I will meet Wanderlei. This is the fighter not only Rizin but MMA fans in general want to perform. And our duty is to meet their expectations. So if really a lot of people want to see Fedor vs Wanderlei Silva we’ll put efforts in order to make it happen”

tass.ru via Touch from the UG forum
While the fight is certainly long off, if it even happens at all, talks of the idea certainly peak the interests of fans who longed for the fight 10 or more years ago in Pride Fighting Championships.
Will Fedor vs Silva happen?  Let us know your opinion on the possible matchup.

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