Jon Jones

Jon Jones: I’m about to win a world title, and they are talking about tickets?

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones took to Instagram yesterday to give his opinion on his most recent run in with the law.

Instagram video by Jon Bones Jones * Feb 8, 2016 at 11:57pm UTC

Jones, who is scheduled to challenge current champion Daniel Cormier for the title in April,  is due in traffic court on Wednesday for the most recent violations, including driving without a license, driving without proof of insurance and driving without registration.

In the clip Jones says, ““I’ve gotten my sobriety back, almost five months sober now. Living happier and healthier, got rid of a lot of people who didn’t need to be in my life. I’ve completed 65 appearances talking to the youth in the community. I’m about to win a world title in a few weeks, and they’re talking about tickets?”

It appears as thought Jones will receive three additional days of community service on Wednesday. The three days of community service will come in addition to the 72 public speaking engagements that were a requirement of his conditional discharge for the hit-and-run incident last April.

5 months Sobriety?

Jones stated that he has been sober for about five months now which would place the last time he indulged in drugs or alcohol around the time frame of September 9.  He was sentenced September 29 by Judge Charles Brown in Bernalillo County Second Judicial District Court.

This would mean that even while Jones knew he was in danger of possibly doing jail time as a result of the hit-and-run he still consumed substances that would endanger his remaining free from incarceration.

Has Jon Jones truly learned a lesson from these mistakes?  Will it have any impact on his future in mixed martial arts?  We will find out at UFC 197 on April 23.

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