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Finishers Sub Only “Kombat” – LIVE RESULTS

Today, Saturday, June 5, the Finishers Sub Only will be holding their first ever all superfight event, Finishers Kombat, starting at 6 pm ET at 10th Planet Bethlehem. Since moving into their new location, the Finishers crew has held one Finishers Open event and most recently the Finishers Absolutes pro event. They plan on putting on more Finishers Kombat superfight only style events in the future as well. Doors open at 4 pm and you can purchase tickets at the door for $20 each or you can watch the event livestream on Zach Maslany’s youtube channel. If you happen to be at the venue, Never Again Studio will be selling their infamous smash burgers at a pop up right outside for $5 each. Below is a full list of the matches and results will be updated as the event progresses. 

Order of Event


Ryan Hinkle (Sion BJJ) v Jojo Samaritano (Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu) 

Winner – Samaritano by armbar in regulation

Kevin Stilo (Valley Jiu Jitsu) v Jacob Rodriguez (Studio 84) 

Winner – Rodriguez by rear naked choke in regulation

Frank Melro (Ground Control) v Ken Truong (10P NYC) 

Winner – Melro by straight ankle lock in regulation

Sid Tavolaro (10P Bethlehem) v Marco Berreondo (Warrior Nation MMA) 

Winner – Tavolaro by armbar in the first overtime round

Steve Joachim (Studio 84) v Josh Alter (10P NYC) 

Winner – Joachim by straight ankle lock in regulation

Ardis Smith (10P Bethlehem) v Sam Lambert (Synthesis BJJ) 

Winner – Lambert by heel hook in regulation

Michael Villeneuve (Valley Jiu Jitsu) v Stan Kevereski (Gorilla BJJ) 

Winner – Villeneuve by triangle armbar in regulation

Lauren Sears (10P Austin) v Lauren Strausser (Mid World Martial Arts) 

Winner – Sears by triangle armbar in regulation

Josh Baker (Hammer Nation Fight Team) v Tim McNamara (Bancho MMA) 

Winner – McNamara by rear naked choke in the first overtime round

Wil Gracia (10P Bethlehem) v Ben Martinez (Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu) 

Winner – Gracia by heel hook in regulation

Ellis Karadag (Method MMA) v Stephen Piszar (Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu) 

Winner – Karadag by egg guard to triangle in regulation

Dillon “D-Boy” Masington (Rat Pack) v John Mulhern (Roufusport) 

Winner – Masington by straight ankle lock in regulation

Brandt Basaran (Indy Boxing and Grappling) v John Lyons (Vault BJJ) 

Winner – Lyons by toehold in regulation

Dave Weintraub (Vitor Shaolin) v Miles Williams (Team Mannon BJJ) 

Winner – Weintraub by escape time in overtime

Jacob Norton (10P Austin) v Eric Naples (RMNU) 

Winner – Naples by z lock/hip lock in regulation

Sean Fallon (Indy Boxing and Grappling) v Andrew Kochel (Valley Jiu Jitsu) 

Winner – Kochel by rear naked choke in the first overtime round

Ricky Pena (Berks County BJJ) v Matteo Martinez (Matteo BJJ) 

Winner – Martinez by rear naked choke in the third overtime round

John Battle (McHugh BJJ) v Andrew Franco (Bronx Jiu Jitsu) 

Winner – Battle by calf slicer in regulation




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Laura Kent
Laura Kent is a 10th Planet jiu jitsu brown belt who trains at 10th Planet Bethlehem and 10th Planet Allentown under the Finishers MMA banner. She competes regularly and is an avid follower and fan of the submission only competition scene. Laura tries to make an effort to cover some of the local submission only events that get less coverage from mainstream MMA and jiu jitsu news outlets and will regularly cover the Eddie Bravo Invitational and Combat Jiu Jitsu events. Laura is an MMA fan as well, which is a large part of what led her to start her jiu jitsu training.