ACC Flyweight Champion Brandon Medina

ACC Flyweight Champion Brandon Medina

On Thursday, during the Long Island ‘Bomb Cyclone’, MyMMANews Reporter Kyle Carroll, joined Brandon Medina via Facebook Live.

Medina joined Carroll to discuss his recent title fight at Aggressive Combat Championship 17. Medina defeated Bryant Estrada to win his first amateur title in his career, improving to 4-1 on his career.


Medina discussed his life outside of MMA, the little bit of time he spends not training is spent working on homework and at his job. The newly anointed Flyweight champion is attending college for Marketing and explains how branding himself as a fighter will be important as his career continues to expand.

We also talked about the gym he trains at, his coaches and sparring partners. Medina trains out of East Coast United BJJ under Head Coach Tito Hartz. He Spars with twin brother, Christian Medina, and professional teammate, Ross Richardson.

An important question about his future was also brought up to the young fighter. Recently celebrating his 22nd birthday, Medina looks to take the professional leap in the near future.

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Below is the full interview with Brandon Medina: