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Frank Trigg doesn't want fights happening during COVID-19 pandemic

Frank Trigg doesn’t want fights happening during COVID-19 pandemic

At 47-years old Frank Trigg is still highly involved in mixed martial arts. While his competing days are behind him, he’s still working as a referee and a judge.

Trigg, like many others, cannot wait to see the sport back in action, but he doesn’t want it to happen in the near future. Right now he is concerned with the safety of the fighters during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s no way to make something like this safe until we understand what we’re dealing with,” Trigg recently said on MMA Junkie Radio.

“How can we counter it? Is there going to be a vaccine for this thing? There’s no way to make these things safe until we figure this out. The same thing with polio, same thing with leprosy. Until we figure out what it actually is, how it actually progresses, what is actually happening with it, there is no way to make a sporting event safe.”

Given his stance on fights going on, Trigg was almost put into a tough spot by the UFC. Originally the UFC was trying to have UFC 249 in California, where Trigg is a referee and a judge. Trigg however, says he wasn’t worried on whether or not to participate in the event. In fact, Trigg says he knew the whole time that the event wouldn’t happen in California.

“That fight was never going to happen, so I was never close to coming to be a part of it,” Trigg said. “Two reasons: One, it was never going to happen, not at Tachi Palace. Could have picked any other country, any territory in the entire country and pulled it off, outside California. But in California, all sovereign territory are pretty much for CSAC. So if you’re to come in and go, ‘We’re going to do this event,’ it becomes a real battling back-and-forth between the California athletic commission vs. the UFC’s commission with Marc Ratner, and Ratner is close friends with Andy Foster, so it becomes a big deal. And so that fight, in my mind, was never going to happen.”

The UFC Hall of Famer takes extra caution when it comes to the coronavirus. This fall, Trigg took a trip to China and he believes he had the virus.

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