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Gerald Meerschaert: ”I want to fight Ian Heinisch next”

Gerald Meerschaert is 32-years-old and has a professional record MMA record of 30 wins and only 11 defeats. Meerschaert is coming off of a spectacular submission victory over highly touted prospect Deron Winn back at UFC 248.

I started off the interview asking Gerald: What are your thoughts on this Coronavirus Epidemic?

”I am not a medical expert but whatever scientific studies and what I hear from actually doctors is that you should listen to the smart people say and we will be ok.

You’re fight with Deron Winn… Why was there so much hatred between you two leading up to this fight?

”He must’ve had an opponent drop out of his UFC debut, so then he felt the need to say my name and try to call me out. At the time I was all about the fight but my management wanted to go a different route and that’s when I fought Trevon Giles. And then when it came to pass that I could get that fight, I still wanted that fight and remembered that he was chirping a little bit and was talking trash that’s when I knew I wanted that fight.

Where you impressed with this performance?

”Overall is was a fun fight and I was happy with my performance”

If there is one fighter in the Middleweight Division that you would like to fight who would that be and why?

”I would like to fight Ian Heinisch, I know he is in the top fifteen and I think I matchup well against him”

I ask every single fighter this question: What motivates you more coming off of a loss or off of a win?

”I don’t know if either one motivates me more, but they definitely motivate you differently. I would probably say most of the reactions your gonna get is off of a loss because you have a chip on your shoulder”

Where do you see yourself in five years in this promotion?

”If I don’t have that belt by then, I’ll definitely be knocking on the door if I don’t have it by then and haven’t defended it a couple of times. But I think by then I will have defended the belt once and have twelve pounds of gold around my waste.

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