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First Fight View: Michael Bisping hammers home a 14-0 record

Over the course of his career, Michael Bisping became one of the most beloved and well-respected fighters of all-time. However, that wasn’t always the case.

“The Count” won season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) at light heavyweight to earn his way into the UFC. 10 years later and he had scratched and clawed his way to finally capturing UFC gold at middleweight. On top of that, he got inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame following his retirement in early 2018.

On Tito Ortiz’s team alongside Michael Bisping during TUF 3 was Matt “The Hammer” Hamill. The pair was supposed to meet in the semifinals of the tournament after defeating their respective opponents in the elimination round. Unfortunately for Hamill, an injury forced him out of the competition thus paving the way for Bisping to take home the trophy in the end.

Inevitably, the two still met in the Octagon as they were matched for UFC 75 in London, England just over a year later. It would be the undefeated 13-0 Bisping’s second to last fight at 205-pounds before making the drop-down to middleweight. And in the eyes of many spectators, the wrong man got the nod that night.

This is First Fight View with Drake Riggs. The video series where we go back and watch some of MMA’s most controversial decisions … for the very first time! I will be watching the fights in their entirety and providing commentary throughout as I score the rounds as they happen. And although the majority of these bouts will likely be under the old version of the unified rules of MMA, scores under both sets of the new and old will be tallied to maximize perspective. The global ruleset is also thrown in just for a little bit of extra fun.

Check it out in the full video above.

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