Gut Check Championship Series

Delaware promotion, Gut Check Championship Series returns!

After a two year hiatus, the Delaware based Muay Thai/Glory Rules kickboxing promotion, Gut Check Championship Series returned with a dynamite fight card with all bouts displaying fireworks in front of a packed house at the ECHS hall of Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware, Saturday, December 15th.

Out of the 11 possible bouts, 5 ended in devastating fashion before the final bell of their respective bout sounded.

Some of the evenings highlights were brought to you in the first female fight of the evening via Julie Keller. Keller took on Chelsea Bowman who gave the sharper Keller all she had, but it was Keller’s straight punch combinations landing flush, time and time again to Bowmans head. Bowman, instead of rolling with the punches or even blocking intelligently showed her lack of experience compared to the heavy handed Keller that gave Keller the match easily and early via KO.

Luis Santos also looked superb in his kickboxing debut taking on a fighter in Terry Henry whom couldn’t meet the limit on the scale, however, Santos took the fight regardless and with bad intentions. Anyone could see that Henry had some extra weight in the mid section which is often misleading, but after the first several exchanges and the heavy breaths started, Santos began to utilize the clinch on the inside, and firing knees straight to the belly. It only took a few solid knees to the midsection before Henry crumbled face first onto the mat without an attempt to beat the 10 count.

Following the bout, Santos commented on the contest by simply stating it was the “Best feeling I ever had”.

The co main event of the evening stole the show with Deauntra Smith systematically dismantling David Harr in the opening moments of their contest. Without a feeling out process, the two fighters came forward from the gate with Smith firing a teep that backed up Harr followed by a straight right which dropped Harr in his tracks just seconds into the opening stanza. Harr jumped back on with a grin on his face, seemingly to insinuate it was a fluke and he was unfazed, but as he trenched forward, another straight right came from Smith and down Harr went again. Harr popped up again, but this time with a little less convincing of a smile on his face, moreover grin of panic…The bout continues with Smith sensing blood in the water and jumped on his opponent with a vicious straight punch combination that put his opponent away for good as Harr went crashing to the canvas again, inclining the referee to intervene and stop the contest.

Catching up with Smith after the bout he stated: “As soon as the bell rang, I wanted to see what angles I had to move around…I love moving around when I fight to create something. When I threw my first teep kick, his hands dropped so I quickly realized I should use my hands.” Continuing with, “After the first knock down, I knew my right hand would create damage as long as I fought smart and wait for the opening…As far as the first round goes, I shocked myself with that!”

Full Results:

Wesley Russum (MVJ) wins via TKO over Akua Perkins (Quintella mma)

John Wunder (Algeo MMA) wins via split decision over Russell Felmley (Jacks Gym)

Chip Plumley (Chok Dee) wins via split decision over Adan Felix (Quintella mma)

Julie Keller (Next Level) wins via KO over Chelsea Bowman (Bowman mma)

Camilo Guinteres (Jacks Gym) and James McCaffrey end in a Draw

Luis Santos (MVJ) wins via TKO over Terry Henry (Bowman mma)

Brandon Lewin (8 Limbs) wins via unanimous decision over Alec Kuhn (Next Level)

Chris Lewis (Quintella MMA) wins via TKO corner stoppage over Mike Romeo (Jacks Gym)

Juwan Gonzalez (Next Level) wins via split decision over Jamar McGriff (MVJ)

Deauntra Smith (MVJ) wins via TKO over David Harr (Next Level)

Tyler Rodriguez (American MT) wins split decision over Devante Crawford (Jacks Gym)

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