Erik Paulson on Brandon Lee's Death

Erik Paulson on Brandon Lee's Death

Erik Paulson opens up on the death of Brandon Lee

Earlier this year I completed one of my bucket list interviews.

Speaking with Catch Wrestling legend… The original shooto fighter and student of the Machado brothers, Erik Paulson.

What started as a martial arts interview, talking Jeet Keen Do, Judo, and Boxing, soon developed into tales of living in a haunted house in California to the tragic death of his close friend Brandon Lee.

Erik recalls being on the set of ‘The Crow’ the day the tragic incident happened

Later we chat the meaning of life and Erik reads my obituary!

I’m forever grateful to Mr Paulson for giving me such time to chat, and I would urge anyone to check this is amazing interview out.


Erik Paulson – Martial Arts Chat

One of the best shows we’ve ever done. We speak with sensei Erik Paulson, talking: Catch Wrestling, BJJ, Jeet Kun Do, Being a Stuntman, The Machdo Brothers, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Ghost Stories, The Meaning of Life. It’s all here, and it’s amazing!

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