Henry Cejudo crowns Tyron Woodley ‘Court Jester of Cringe’

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Former two-division UFC champion, Olympic gold medalist, and self-proclaimed ‘King of Cringe,’ Henry Cejudo could potentially be making a return to professional mixed martial arts competition, but not before he crowns a ‘Court Jester of Cringe’ among fighters still active in the sport.

The retired champion who has shown interest in challenging current UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski, recently spoke with MMA Mania’s Shakiel Mahjouri, and went through a tournament bracket of well-known competitors before picking a champion.

Let’s take a look at the bracket presented to ‘Triple C’ and see if you would score it the same way.

Round 1:

Luke Rockhold vs. Tyron Woodley

“That’s pretty cringe.  They are two different types of cringe.  I’m just gonna have to go with Tyron Woodley.  Tyron Woodley is just super cringy.  The dude has “I love Jake Paul” (tattooed) on his finger.  His movie sucks.  But I tell you what, he can promote a fight.  He could promote a fight, and he’s got a mouthpiece on him.  But his actions don’t speak louder than his words, you know what I’m saying.  He lost to a YouTuber.  I’m gonna have to go with the infamous Tyron Woodley.”

Colby Covington vs. Alex Volkanovski

“That is a good one too.  Who is the cringiest, right?  We’re comparing the cringe.  I’m gonna have to go with Colby Covington, I really am.  As much as I don’t like Alexander ‘the Average’ (Cejudo plays on Vokanovski’s nickname – ‘The Great’), I’m gonna have to go with Colby.  He spends a lot of money on his art.  ‘Hey there nerds and virgins.’  He spends a lot of money.  He’s flipping the bill.”

Tony Ferguson vs. Ronda Rousey

“We’re gonna have to go with Tony Ferguson.  Tony is naturally cringy.  My stuff is a person but there are some people who are naturally cringy.”

Conor McGregor vs. Kevin Lee

“Conor McTapper vs. Kevin Lee.  Conor McTapper has turned into the cringiest of the cringe.  He doesn’t know where he’s trying to hit the ball at.  He’s just trying to find out where shit sticks.  Conor McGregor is a troll.  He better make sure he doees’t twist his ankle while typing.”

Round 2

Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley

“Man, I’m gonna have to give it to Tyron Woodley, I swear to you. It’s so unnatural, he just doesn’t see it.  Colby Covington he’s playing a persona, a character, but Tyron, he just doesn’t see it.  It’s gone wild.  It’s a circus.  I’m gonna have to Tyron Woodley.”

Conor McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson

“Oh man, that’s a good one.  But I’m gonna have to give it to Tony Ferguson.   In reality, Tony Ferguson is just a natural cringe ball.”

Finals – Round 3

Tyron Woodley vs. Tony Ferguson

“That’s a close one but I’m gonna have to give it to Tyron Woodley.  He just doesn’t see how cringy he is, that he wins the title.  Even Tony knows he is a little off his rocker but I don’t think Tyron knows he is.

Cejudo is the former UFC Flyweight Champion and Bantamweight Champion. He is the fourth UFC fighter to hold titles in two different weight classes simultaneously, and the second to defend titles in two different weight divisions. He is the only person to win an Olympic gold medal and a UFC title.

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