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Los Angeles Hosts High Rollerz BJJ’s Inaugural Cannabis Infused Event Jiu-Jitsu/BJJ MMA News Submission Only 

Los Angeles Hosts High Rollerz BJJ’s Inaugural Cannabis Infused Event

This past Sunday, June 10, 2018, Los Angeles saw its first cannabis infused submission only jiu jitsu event, High Rollerz BJJ, at the Nexus Social Lounge.  The event is the brain child of “Mighty” Matt Stout and Big Lon, also known as Big and Mighty Productions.  Featuring a Nick Diaz meet and greet, Renato Laranja as the official host on the mic, and Eddie Bravo as the referee, this modified EBI rule event brought in quite the crowd and ended up being a huge hit.  The event was headlined by Jeff Glover and Georgi Karakhanyan as the featured match, with 16 man absolute brackets for blue through black belts.

Before every match the competitors would smoke together so that they were both high when they stepped on the mats to compete against each other.  There were even some smoke breaks mid-match for certain competitors, particularly after one of the matches got a little heated and a joint had to be brought in to calm the two down.

Los Angeles Hosts High Rollerz BJJ's Inaugural Cannabis Infused Event  

The grand prize for the main event match was a pound of high quality marijuana, which jiu jitsu legend and vocal marijuana advocate Jeff Glover ended up taking home for his efforts.  He also announced his retirement from jiu jitsu competition right afterwards, as he has been competing since he was a teenager and, as he said in his retirement Instagram post, “my hips are jacked up and my body is telling me to take it easy now.”   

Joe Schilling was one of the more well-known competitors that participated in the event and recently talked about it on the Joe Rogan MMA Show.  Check out what he had to say below.

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Laura Kent

Laura Kent is a 10th Planet jiu jitsu blue belt who trains at 10th Planet Bethlehem in Easton, PA. She competes regularly and is an avid follower and fan of the submission only competition scene. Laura tries to make an effort to cover some of the local submission only events that get less coverage from mainstream MMA and jiu jitsu news outlets and will regularly cover the Eddie Bravo Invitational and Combat Jiu Jitsu events. Laura is an MMA fan as well, which is a large part of what led her to start her jiu jitsu training.

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