home training regimens for mma fighters

Home Training Regimens for MMA Fighters

We all know the physical benefits of mixed martial arts. It provides a great all-round workout that matches any other regimen you can think of in terms of toning your body and improving overall fitness. But what you might not realize is that it is possible to follow a good MMA training regimen without having to spend hours and hours of every week in the gym.

There are lots of different variations on the classic MMA workout, but they all include the standard three stages of warmup, station work and some grip strength moves. Here we take a look at how, with some basic equipment, you can run through your favorite MMA training workout in a home training environment, to keep you in top shape and ready for your next fight.


The typical warmup session is five minutes of 25 meter sprints. This is actually far easier to do at home than in a gym environment. Measure out your 25 meter course in a convenient spot outside your home where nobody will distract or obstruct you, and you are home and dry.

Station work

Basic station work requires very little specialist fitness equipment, beyond a set of weights and a medicine ball. What you need most of all is enough space to perform each station comfortably and effectively. You also need a solid floor, and if your are in an upstairs apartment, some understanding neighbors below.

Grip work

Most grip work can be done simply and easily almost anywhere. Exercises such as  pull ups require the use of a high horizontal bar, which you might think is an awkward thing to set up at home. The truth is, however, that your local gym might also struggle to provide this facility. The ideal solution is to use a convenient rafter – but more on that below.

Start today

The truth is that it is probably even easier to follow a MMA training regimen from home than it is from the gym, and it takes very little to set up. In an ideal world, you will have a garage or outbuilding with exposed roof beams for pull ups, providing the space you need and the natural tools for every part of your workout.

But wherever you live, it is possible to create a tailor-made workout that is practical, and will still give you the time and flexibility to fit it seamlessly around the rest of your busy life.


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