How Being an Athlete can Improve your Sex Life

How Being an Athlete can Improve your Sex Life

It may seem at first sight that sex and sports aren’t closely linked, other than both being a fun way to get some exercise, but in fact practicing sports on a regular basis can lead to a drastic improvement when it comes to having sex.

The reasons why doing sports benefits your sex life can be summed up in one very simple notion: doing regular exercise boosts your wellbeing both physically and emotionally, and both of these are essential to make sex completely satisfying.

Professional athletes or people who do sports daily have better sex lives with their partners or in casual sexual encounters, so they can enjoy those moments even more. Exercising increases your stamina and pleasure in intimate moments with your partner, or if you decide to try something exciting in Wellington with gorgeous escorts, a common practice among professional athletes, since in New Zealand sex with companions is legal and frequently practiced by famous people who want to keep their private lives a secret.

Going into more depth about these benefits can give you a rough idea of the specific advantages sports will bring to your sexual relationships.

One of the first points to consider is the improvement in cardiovascular health that working out gives you. As you’ll know, your blood vessels expand during sexual activity, especially in certain areas of your body. For men, better heart function means better erections, as it facilitates the blood flow necessary for adequate erectile responses.

The respiratory system is another area greatly helped by regularly working out. Better functioning of the lungs and learning to control your breathing better will considerably improve your stamina during sexual activity. This will enable you to try new experiences that you weren’t able to perform before.

It’s also worth remembering that strengthening your muscles and toning your body will help you prevent or control certain metabolic disorders, such as diabetes. You may not know it, but these kinds of disorders notoriously affect arousal, so sports are a fantastic way to combat erectile dysfunction that may be caused by such issues.

But working out is good for more than just your body; exercise also helps to revitalize your mind. One of the main benefits in terms of mental health relates to desire and self-esteem. As you see yourself gaining abilities you thought you had lost forever, such as flexibility or agility, the desire to try new things you didn’t think you could, will grow, boosting your sex life. A recent study by BDSM store Peachy BDSM showed that people with the most active sex lives were 4 times more likely to go to exercise regularly.

It’s also very important to look at the role certain hormones, released during exercise or in use of a hands free male masturbator, play in your emotional wellbeing. Serotonin, dopamine and endorphins are charged with controlling our moods, motivating us, and making us feel happy. If you work out regularly, you’ll notice the positive effects of these hormones on your state of mind, and that this helps improve your sex life.

You can see for yourself that being an athlete can improve your sex life. Practicing sports such as running, tennis, swimming or weightlifting, you’ll notice your sexual encounters becoming more pleasurable and longer lasting. Start working out today!

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