Claudia Gadelha

Claudia Gadelha fires back at Angela Hill: “F**k no, there’s no rematch”

After their razor close fight back at UFC Fight Night in Jacksonville, Florida, there were calls for a rematch between Claudia Gadelha and Angela Hill. The fight had controversy around the decision that saw Gadelha come away with a victory and put an end to her three-fight winning streak.

Following the win, Gadelha addressed the conversation about a possible rematch with Hill and emphatically shut that thought down. Gadelha was a guest on Sirius XM’s ‘MMA Tonight’ and when asked about running it back, Gadelha said she beat Hill at her own game.

“Like I said, I am a pioneer in the sport, I’ve been fighting for so long. It’s not easy to get into the Top-10, it’s not easy to get into the Top-5 and I gave Angela a good opportunity to go out there and beat me, you know? She tried everything she could, it was a pretty close fight, I definitely think I won the first and third round, the second round I lost because of the knockdown. If you take out the knockdown, I was getting the power punches, I took her down, I walked her to the cage, we had some good striking exchanges. But I also wanted to challenge myself and have a good stand-up fight with a good striker.”

Gadelha said that comments made by Hill after the fight were disrespectful and because of what was said, there will be no rematch between the two.

“Angela Hill after the fight, she was very disrespectful trying to get a rematch…She can say anything she wants, she can talk s**t, she can say anything she wants, but at the end of the day, I am the winner. And I beat her at her own f***ing game, which is striking. I am a grappler, I grew up grappling, I’m just evolving as a striker and I beat her in own game. So she’s talking a lot of s**t and being disrespectful to my nationality and my accent, so f**k no, there’s no rematch.”

Claudia Gadelha clearly didn’t take kindly to Hill’s post-fight comments on social media and has zero interest in granting a rematch because of that and the fact that as she says, she beat Hill at her own game in the striking department.

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