IMMAF Continues Push For Olympic Accreditation

The IMMAF continues to push for recognition by the IOC. The petition titled “MMA is a Sport,” led by IMMAF, gathered 10,000 signatures in just a weeks time. If you wish to sign the petition yourself, click the link below!

IMMAF Taking To The Olympics

IMMAF’s main goal is to get Olympic recognition for amateur mixed martial arts by the International Olympic Committee. MMA is a Sport is the newest charge to get the sport recognized worldwide.

President of the IMMAF, Densign White, state’s that while progress has been slow, they are making progress and taking on unfair rules to get in the games.

“This has been going on since 2016, despite us meeting all criteria for recognition. We want to focus attention on the process which we think is unfair. By going public we now call upon participants and sports fan to rally behind our petition. We are not the only sport to have suffered due to the lack of a fair and transparent process. A small group of International Federations with GAISF are operating as a trade union and not in the interest of sports participants. Considering the impact this has on government decision making, sport governance and access to public funding, they need to come out into the open and become accountable.”

The IMMAF is on their third attempt at recognition by WADA and hope to make even more progress as time goes by. They have been involved in lawsuits with WADA and GAISF. Approval from these two organizations are two hurdles to get past before going to the IOC.

Progress will be made as time goes by to get mixed martial arts recognized as an Olympic sport.

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