IMMAF to Postpone Implementation of Grading Requirements

The IMMAF announced at the end of April that a grading system will be required for all fighters competing under the IMMAF ruleset. On the 29th of April, IMMAF announced gradings will be required to compete in the IMMAF Championships.

The goal of the new grading system is to make sure high level amateurs didn’t compete against new ones for the safety of the athletes. They set the levels similar to a belt system in traditional martial arts. There were three youth level championships, a junior and senior level.

Then announced on May 7th, IMMAF stated that they will be reviewing the new grading requirements. On May 20th they reviewed that ruleset and announced today that they will be postponing the new rule implementation.

The press release today said they will postpone the implementation for mandatory requirements for IMMAF competitions due to that feedback. The board will be conducting a full 360° review on the progression pathway and how to put it into the system they are attempting to create.

The IMMAF will keep athletes and fans updated as they make decisions as the review process went along.

IMMAF and it’s Mission

IMMAF has set out its mission to help develop young talent across the globe for mixed martial arts. They work on rulesets, safety regulations, and structure for amateur mixed martial artists. The organization also plans to further recognition of MMA across the world, growing it’s popularity and intends to work alongside the National Olympic Committee. The organization has a a democratically voted board and aims to get structure into countries with no MMA infrastructure. “Our vision is for Mixed Martial Arts to be recognised as a sport and ultimately become an Olympic sport,” says the mission statement on the website. 

Stay posted to My MMA News to follow up on the latest progression of IMMAF’s grading system and where it goes from here. Thanks for reading!

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