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How to Beat the Casino at Their Own Game?

Winning money at casinos is never easy like A, B, and C. However, a few wise moves can help identify the tricks most casinos use to twist the game in their favor. With a few strategies, you can apply even in online casinos like, you’ll be able to increase your chances of winning in the game. Gambling in itself is highly challenging and it is designed to benefit the casino business by all means. If you are aware of the tactics casinos use to trick the gamer then you will never again fall as one of their victims. Herein, we share a few tips that can help you become smarter and perhaps help you land a major win.

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Reasons Most Gamblers Lose/Win

Below is a summary of the top reasons most gamblers lose their hard-earned money to casinos:

Reasons for Losing in Casinos Reasons for Winning in Casinos
  • Blind betting
  • Excessive wagering
  • Use of betting systems
  • Committing money you are not ready to lose
  • Gambling problem
  • Chasing losses
  • Gambling big win obsession
  • Ignorance
  • Smaller and unpopular bets
  • Picking shorter odds and not long odds
  • Smart moves
  • Skill
  • Luck
  • Practice
  • Master the game
  • Knowing when to stop gambling
  • Modest betting

How to Beat the Casino at their own Game?

You can beat the casino at their own game using strategies and guidelines and do it for free, since there are many free offers with bonuses such as or applying these strategies:

  • 100 Percent Focus on the Game

One of the tricks most of the top casinos use to win the game against the gambler is the use of distraction. Believe it or not, all the glamour, music, women, and countless TV screens you see in the casino are designed to distract you as much as possible. In fact, it is almost impossible to keep the focus on a game when all this is happening.

Therefore, understand that any time your eyes are off the game and you are staring elsewhere, the casino has won the game. You should therefore keep your mind, soul, and body fully focused on the game at hand. Always walk around and enjoy the sight before you begin the game. You might as well take a break, later on, to focus on the distractions.

  • The Temptation of Freebies

Casinos are synonymous with freebies. If you wanted a free drink, meal, or hotel room at times, then the casino is where you can get all that. The wide spectrum of freebies is not always meant for your good, remember that the next time you are tempted to indulge.

Save all else, free alcoholic drinks in the casino should be accepted when you have prepared yourself to lose your money. Let the drink be the last thing on your mind. Let your number one rule be, be intoxicated when you no longer feel like betting and it is time to unwind.

  • Gamble Online Instead

Online casinos have been reaping big over the last decade. This can be your best bet if you have been losing lately. In fact, most gamblers prefer online casinos since you can visit as many casinos as many times as possible without stepping out of your house.

The gambling online industry is ideal if you would like to avoid the distractions that are common with brick-and-mortar casinos. You can fully focus on your game and make informed decisions when you gamble online. Additionally, it is easy to walk away from a game when you play online feeling embarrassed or obliged to continue playing.

  • Go Small or Go Home

Do not be fooled, the popular adage that goes “ Go Big or Go Home” is misleading. You might wager a huge sum and then lose it big. However, with smaller bets, you can be able to place more bets and bet for longer thus boosting your probability of winning.

If you are to choose between placing a huge one-off bet and then losing or wagering smaller ones and then winning in between, which one would you choose? I bet you will go for the second option.

  • Manage your Money

It is important that the casino has been built specifically to reap your losses, most of the time, if not all the time. You, therefore, have to manage your money the moment you enter the casino. This simple trick can save you a lot of time and you will avoid a financial disaster.

To get started, budget for the gamble before you enter the casino. Factor in all aspects of the game while budgeting; drinks, meals, losses, and others. Always stick to your budget and do not spend more than you planned to.

  • Smart Betting with Odds

This in simple words means you go for gambling games that have decent odds. All casino games might be exciting and tempting to engage in, but remember you are there to have fun and win. Beat the casinos by picking games that offer better odds than the others.

Some of the casino games that offer the best odds include Craps and Blackjack. You can enjoy a higher win percentage from these games instead of sticking to alternative ones. More so, games with low house edges guarantee more frequent wins and money back when wagered on. Stick to such games.

Examples of Casino House edges:

Roulette European 2.7%

American 5.2%

Baccarat Banker-1.06%
Heads Up Hold’em 2.36%
Caribbean Stud 5.22%
Craps: Don’t Pass/Don’t Come 1.36%
Blackjack 0.28%
  • Choose the “Ugliest Girl in the Room”

Looks can be misleading most of the time. Casinos understand this and use it to have an upper hand over the gambler. The most alluring games (brightly lit, colorful, and loud) have the biggest underlying risk.

Bottom-line, that choose the less attractive games and you will increase your chances of winning. You can capitalize on this and win big.


Any gamer can outsmart the casino, no matter how long you have been in the gambling space. Perhaps, you have heard of or seen individuals who won the jackpot on their first trial or even avid gamers who won after trying for so long. The gambling business is what the name suggests; it is a gamble. However, once you master the tricks casinos use to lure gamblers into a loss, you will no longer lose your bet unnecessarily. Gambling blindly is one of the reasons most gamblers forgo their cash at the casino. You certainly can beat the casino at its own game.

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