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Jake Paul reveals ‘tattoo guidelines’ for Tyron Woodley after split decision win

Jake Paul has taken to social media to reveal the tattoo guidelines for Tyron Woodley following his split decision win in their boxing match on Sunday.

Ahead of Paul’s fourth pro fight against Woodley, the two agreed at a press conference that the loser of the fight would need to get a tattoo saying I love Jake Paul or I love Tyron Woodley, depending on who won. With the brash YouTuber-turned-boxer winning, Woodley would need to get a tattoo saying I love Jake Paul, but after the fight, Woodley said he’d get the tattoo if they did a rematch with Paul agreed to.

Now, taking to social media, Paul revealed the guidelines of what the tattoo will be.

“Tyron’s tattoo guidelines: 1. 3×2 inches at least. 2. Can’t get it covered. 3. Permanent. 4. Must post on social media. 5. Has to be visible with shorts and a shirt on,” Paul tweeted.

Woodley, meanwhile, said on Monday he is willing to get the tattoo to secure the rematch. However, he says before he does it, he wants the paperwork to be signed so Paul can back out of it.

“He’s trying to back out of it,” Woodley said on MMAFighting’s MMAHour. “He’s being a coward. I’m calling you out: You’re being a coward.

“I’m willing to be a man and honor my end of the deal. He made a new deal, since he’s the one that makes the bets. Now the bet blew up in your face. Let’s do it. I’m willing and I will. If I’ve got to get my own tattoo artist, I think I’m sliding to L.A., let’s get it cracking. But I need to see some paperwork, because him and his manager are starting to get real [shady]. He told me in there, he said, ‘Tyron, I give you my word.’ This is what [Paul representative] Nakisa [Bidarian] told me, ‘Tyron, I give you my word.’ And he’s been solid — he’s never told me one thing and not been solid about it. I got a lot of love for Nakisa. He said, ‘If you get the tattoo tonight, we’ll give you the rematch.’ And I said, ‘Bet. Let’s run it.'”

Whether or not Tyron Woodley will actually get the tattoo is uncertain. It’s also unknown if Paul and Woodley will even rematch.

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