WWE Draft is a Huge Gamble

WWE Draft is a Huge Gamble

What can WWE do to spice up their product? They have been betting on bringing back part-time stars such as Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and John Cena and that’s shown some improvement. Still their shows are a shadow of the entertainment provided in the past. The upcoming WWE Draft has to work but who should switch brands to make Raw and Smackdown a bit more exciting?

The odds are that by changing the rosters, there will be added interest in what is happening in WWE. It’s a difficult process though with Raw and Smackdown on different TV networks. You can bet that one network will moan their heads off if the draft sees their show look a bit weaker, with the other looking stronger.

That’s a battle for WWE bosses to try and win but it’s the fans that need to be kept happy. The odds are that there will be plenty of changes made and WWE has to get it right. Too many wrestlers are being given the same opponents over and over again. Honestly, how many times do we have to see Riddle and Randy Orton take on Omos and AJ Styles.

Sportsbooks can remember the days when they’d be offering odds on AJ Styles to win major singles titles. Not anymore and Styles deserves a lot more than tagging with a guy who’s only on the roster because of his height. The ‘oh look how much taller Omos is than Styles’ joke is worn out. It’s time to move Styles over to Smackdown where he can again be used prominently in the singles division. Reigns v Styles would be an interesting Universal Title feud.

Drew McIntyre has proved that he can be a capable main eventer for WWE. While Lashley is the champion on Raw, then he won’t be getting title shots, we’ve seen that too many times already. He’s far better than a feud with Jinder Mahal, so move him to Smackdown. The odds on a McIntyre run against Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins would be so much better.

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Will the top champions move rosters in the WWE Draft? The odds are that they won’t and Smackdown in particular would look a lot weaker with Lashley, rather than Reigns as champion.  Sooner or later, we’re going to see Lashley v Lesnar and you can bet on that selling plenty of tickets. It looks a WrestleMania match but on which brand?

What about Big E? He has an entertaining feud with the much improved Baron Corbin. However, Big E. is the Money in the Bank holder and possibly a future champion. How about moving him to Raw to re-unite with the other members of The New Day and then dethrone Lashley? Moving Sheamus to Smackdown might be an idea too, now he’s lost his US title.

Raw needs fresh title challengers, surely, we can’t have more of Lashley v Goldberg, unless it’s to keep the Saudi Arabian fans happy at Crown Jewel. How about moving Edge over to Raw? He’s had his matches with Reigns and Rollins, give him some fresh match-ups on Raw.

A move for Rey and Dominic Mysterio would be interesting. Rey is a double-edged sword and can have some good singles matches too. Rey Mysterio v Ricochet anyone? WWE still struggles with their tag division and new surroundings for teams such as The Viking Raiders may spice things up a little bit.

The women’s divisions also need a bit of a shake-up. The odds on Sasha Banks moving back to Raw must be high. Raw has been dominated by Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley of late. You can bet more titles will be won by Flair in the future. However, switch her to Smackdown and give us Becky Lynch v Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 38.

Asuka could do with a move to Smackdown.  The Japanese star has done little of late and deserves so much more. Bianca Belair moving to Raw would be a good move to make. Once she loses the rematch with Lynch, there’s not going to be too much for her on Smackdown. Let Alexa Bliss move to Smackdown too but please get rid of the current gimmick. Move Bayley back to Raw too.

Carmella should also be moved to Monday nights, again she’s had her chances on Smackdown, so make Raw her new home. It’s all about freshening a product that has gone stale. You have to wonder what’s going on though when big names such as Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan are released from the company.

NXT may provide some new recruits for Raw and Smackdown, but will they be used properly? Heaven knows what they are up to with Karrion Kross who looked a good bet to be a main roster success. Johnny Gargano must surely one day be promoted to the main roster.

WWE has to get the October draft right. Fans are crying out for new match-ups. It’s a difficult task to perform correctly but going into the Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, a new look WWE is needed to get those ratings going in the right direction.

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