Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller seeks to raise $2M After Arrest

Often times people and or organizations will use crowdfunding as a source to bring in money for a charity or cause that they have an affinity for.  Some do better than others for various reasons.  Some meet their goals (set by the project organizer) and some don’t.  But have you ever seen one like this?

Mixed martial artist Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller has set a goal of raising $2 million on the crowdfunding site Go Fund Me to help with some of the repairs that went along with his most recent arrest where he did a live Twitter play by play of the ordeal.

In the 27 days the project has been up Mayhem has managed to get little more than $2,000 in donations for which he says will help get his dog back and do some minor repairs.

Don’t believe us?  See for yourself here: http://www.gofundme.com/gd4kkc


My name is Jason Miller– the Mixed Martial Artist, more widely known as “MAYHEM.” I am a former World Champion, and a Black Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu.


I am asking for your support in this non-traditional way, because I have encountered some non-traditional problems.

On the morning of  October Ninth, 2014, the Orange County Sherriff Department arrived to serve a warrant at my suburban residence. The first officer on the scene had his weapon unholstered, and I did not trust his judgement, so I went inside my house to wait for an officer that I knew to arrive.

No one communicated with me until an officer with a bullhorn began shouting for me to come outside and a police helicopter began to circle my house.

I watched from the confines of my house as more and more armed men surrounded my home in increasingly more militarily advanced equipment.

I would like to point out, that I am NOT GUILTY of any charges leveled against me, and own no weapons besides my skills in MMA, and at no time made any threats towards any of the officers.

I would also like to point out that many of my friends and students are in Law Enforcement, and I have a deep respect for the laws of America and California. That being said, my number one priority is to protect my family and myself, so that I may do what is best for the Greater Good.

I took measures to protect myself, and my dog, Gator Hotdog Dog, and used my Twitter (@mayhemmiller) to let the people know what was going on in the quiet suburb of Mission Viejo.

Although I wanted a peaceful solution, the brigade on my doorstep had military grade weapons, and seemed intent on using them. They smashed two windows, and used C4 Explosives on my front door, nearly killing my dog.

At that point, I decided that the backyard, with a news chopper having a clear vantage point would be the best place to surrender. I clearly announced that I was coming out, with my hands up, and followed the instruction of the officer, and was completely compliant.

The damage to my home was extensive, and although the Sherriff eventually came and boarded the broken entrances to my home, they have not responded to my requests for reimbursement.

They also broke the gate, and my dog escaped, and was picked up by the county, who is asking for approximately FOUR HUNDRED dollars to release him from the pound.

As I stated before, I am a Mixed Martial Artist, and any money that you invest will be reinvested into the Art. I will also #FreeGator from his small concrete cell, and hire a camera crew to document this turbulent time in my existence.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

God Bless,

Jason “MAYHEM” Miller

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