UFC at the Sphere, UFC 306

UFC at the Sphere will be a ‘one and done’ show

On Wednesday, TKO Group Holdings President Mark Shapiro, addressed several topics to include the financials of the UFC as well as the upcoming September 14 fight card at the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Currently, no fights have been announced for the UFC at the Sphere event, also known as UFC 306. The venue, which is an immersive entertainment and music venue in Las Vegas opened last year.

“The Sphere in September, UFC 306, although that will be an expensive event to put on, for the record,” Shapiro said about the card. “That’s not a normal event. The Sphere is the Sphere, and it wasn’t necessarily built for UFC events.

“It will be a one and done. We will do it one and done. That is what Dana White has told us and he’s going to make it extra special.”

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