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Jesse Tafoya: “Part of the dream is traveling the world and doing martial arts”

For many mixed martial artists, finding a fight can be much harder than you’d think. Two fights into his pro career, Jesse Tafoya has hit the road and the internet so he can stay active.

On June 20, Tafoya (1-1) welcomes Josh Madrigal to the pro ranks at the World Fighting Federation event in Phoenix.

Heard you got your upcoming fight by throwing your name into a hat, kind of?

“Yeah, there’s a Facebook page that a bunch of people who are looking for fighters can post, and promoters go there too. A promoter posted they needed fighters for their upcoming show. So, I put my name in, got an offer, and now I’m fighting.”

This fight is at flyweight, your natural home, what’s it like finding flyweight fights on the lower levels?

“It takes some work for sure. I’m not sure how many promotions I talk to or how many fights I applied to get into. It’s working now. I got a fight.”

For your recent fight you’ve been traveling, how is that experience?

“I love it. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Part of the dream is traveling the world and doing martial arts, right. I’m not traveling out of country yet, but I’m seeing a little bit of things and I’m still fighting people. That’s what’s up, that was the goal.”

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