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Welcome to America, Tyson Fury

Rocking the same outfit that Apollo Creed walked out wearing in Rocky 4, Tyson Fury made his ESPN debut entrance into Las Vegas with a statement. The statement from Fury didn’t stop with his walk, he backed it up with his talk inside the boxing ring and defeated Tom Schwarz in an incredible two-round performance.

Making his debut with Top Rank Promotions, Tyson Fury thrilled the Las Vegas crowd in his first fight in the Fight Capital of the country, and instantly became a star. While the fight wasn’t supposed to be his absolute toughest challenge, the work Fury displayed against Schwarz was nothing short of masterful, likely turning in a whole new wave of fans, and leaving some wondering how he didn’t beat Deontay Wilder back in 2018.

It is expected that a rematch between Fury and Wilder will take place in the Spring of 2020 and as “The Gypsy King” stated himself, his next fight with Top Rank will likely happen on either September 21 or October 5 this Fall. A dominated performance was expected by many, but the style and charisma in which Tyson Fury displayed in the boxing ring, instantly elevated his stardom to another level.

The second-round finish for Fury was most certainly expected, most didn’t know who Tom Schwarz heading into this fight, and that just means ESPN did their job exactly how they should have. In the weeks and days leading up to the fight, fans could turn their TV to an ESPN channel and see Tyson Fury’s face on the screen because for their newly-signed superstar, it was their responsibility to showcase him.

If you don’t know his story by now, Fury overcame drug addiction and a battle with suicidal thoughts and depression to come back into the heavyweight boxing spotlight and put on one of the most entertaining fights in the division’s history. Although the judges would score Fury vs Wilder a draw, they created momentum for what will likely be a rematch coming soon and a narrative that heavyweight boxing, and boxing in general, has been missing.

From the Anthony Joshua upset to Andy Ruiz just a few weeks ago to Deontay Wilder’s first-round finish over Dominic Breazeale, Tyson Fury may have stolen the spotlight in the heavyweight division. Fury didn’t get the first-round finish like his previous opponent, Wilder, but he made the boxing ring his castle, and the Gypsy King shined on his throne against Tom Schwarz.

After his first win in Las Vegas, the undefeated Lineal heavyweight champion took the microphone and serenaded the American crowd with an Aerosmith classic, just showing his ability to switch up his fighting style when need be, and his ability to adapt to the culture in which he is fighting in front of.

In his post fight interview Tyson Fury made his future plans known for inside the ring and his ability to sell himself before and after the fight means there are nothing but big plans ahead for one of the greatest comeback stories boxing has ever seen.

Tyson Fury’s win over Tom Schwarz wasn’t just his ESPN debut gone perfectly, it was his stardom coming out party and that party will create drama with upcoming fights that fans have been screaming for. Just like Tyson Fury screams during face-offs before a fight, just like his style screams champion, and just like he got the whole crowd screaming along with him after his win.

We’ve entered a new era in heavyweight boxing led by Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz, and Anthony Joshua. All of them must fight at some point, some matchups more intriguing than others, but there’s no ignoring that Tyson Fury has cornered the market from his opponents, and he’s taking America, ESPN, and boxing by storm.

He’s the Gypsy King and he very well may be the next biggest boxing superstar not just in his home country of the United Kingdom, but in the United States as well. Welcome to America, Tyson Fury, the boxing world needed your fire.

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