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Jim Miller is serious about the Shower Beer …. and you should be too

UFC lightweight competitor Jim Miller is serious about a lot of things; family time, fighting, hunting, grilling, dodgeball, and Christmas Carols (Ok… if you know Jim he’s not very good with the last two).  But if there is one thing that the Sparta, New Jersey native is really serious about, it’s the shower beer.

Yes, the shower beer.  Believe me, there is an etiquette to this stuff.  You can’t just crack a can or pop a bottle lid, get all lathered up with the soap and pretend you are an expert.

If you don’t believe me…. believe Jim.

What is a Shower Beer?

It’s the beer you take into the shower when you’re in a hurry to go out and still need to get cleaned up, or want to relax from a long day. Or if you are like Jim…. it’s something you do just cause.

Jim Miller explains

Don’t shower beer and IG! Just shower beer! #showerbeer #theresasciencetoit #exposé

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