Donald Cerrone meets Joe Lauzon at UFC Fight Night in April

Joe Lauzon admits Donald Cerrone fight at UFC Austin could be his last

Veteran UFC lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon admitted that the upcoming Donald Cerrone fight at UFC Austin could be his last one.

Lauzon and Cerrone were supposed to open up the UFC 274 pay-per-view card last month in Phoenix, Arizona, but Cerrone got sick before the fight, and the bout was canceled at the last minute. Thankfully, the UFC was able to re-book the fight for UFC Austin, which takes place on June 18. However, with Lauzon going through back-to-back fight camps, he is starting to feel the wear and tear of training, and at age 38, he is now considering the end of his MMA career.

Speaking to in a recent interview, Lauzon admitted that this re-booking against Cerrone could end up being his retiring fight. For Lauzon, it will come down to how the fight goes. If he wins, he might live to fight another day. But if he loses to Cerrone, and if he takes damage in the loss, then he says he would consider retiring from the sport of MMA.

“I personally don’t want to put my wife through another (experience of) me getting my butt kicked or getting knocked out or something like that. If it happened one more time, then that’s definitely the end of it. If I go out, and I fight ‘Cowboy,’ and he kicks me in the face, you don’t have to hear from me. I’m telling you right now, that will be the last fight. “If I go out there and have an even fight with ‘Cowboy,’ and I don’t get beat up then maybe we’ll fight again. If I go out there, and I blow him out of the water, maybe we’ll fight again. But the next time you see a bad fight out of me, that’s definitely the last time. You don’t have to hear it from me that it’s the last time, but you just know that’s the last one,” Lauzon said.

Who do you think wins at UFC Austin, Joe Lauzon or Donald Cerrone?

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