Joe Riggs says son having separation anxiety following accidental shooting

Joe Riggs says son having separation anxiety following accidental shooting

The entire staff at wants to wish Joe Riggs a speedy and full recovery and we are saddened to learn that because of the accidental shooting that occured last month, Riggs’ son may be suffering from the wound emotionally.

Riggs, who recently signed back with the UFC, accidentally shot himself in the thigh and hand while cleaning his weapon July 28.

The fighter sustained severe injuries that required significant medical attention and will likely keep him away from the sport for months.  Riggs is confident he will return to action in December, however now he has a bigger fight on his hands.

“As I’m doing my rehab on hand today. I realize how much pain I’ll going through to reach my goal for fighting in December. But the pain that my 7 year old son is going through is much harder. The night this happened he woke up from sleep and saw his father on floor with blood everywhere. I was 100% that I was dying. I thought I was going die from blood loss from my femoral artery. Because I thought this was my last few moments with my baby boy. I asked him to come hug me on the ground. As I told him I love him very much. And I’ll always be with him. I couldn’t see then just how scared he was. Since then he is having bad separation anxiety. And crying out of nowhere. Im taking him to a therapist so he can talk about it. And express the way he feels inside . Please send my son some loving thoughts. Watching him right now is killing me.”


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